West Bengal to recommend inclusion of Netaji’s initiatives for India’s independence in school syllabus

The government of West Bengal will recommend the syllabus committee to include Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose’s initiative to realize the dream of an independent India in the school curriculum when he went to Singapore, state education minister Bratya Basu said Monday.

According to the available records, the iconic leader had gone to Singapore in July 1943 to fulfill his dream of an independent India, free from foreign rule, and to bolster his Indian national army. This year marks the 125th anniversary of the birth of the nationalist leader.

Basu, when asked to comment on TMC spokesman Kunal Ghosh’s statement that the new generation in Bengal should know in detail the chronology of events related to Netaji’s 1943 visit to Singapore, said: “Yes, the government will recommend the syllabus committee to record the events revolving around Netaji in 1943.”

However, he did not give details.

Ghosh tweeted Monday: “We welcome the statement of the honorable Bratya Basu who recommends the syllabus committee to include the details about Netaji and his government (in Singapore)”.

This, he said, will be the first step in recognizing Netaji’s mission in Singapore as an integral part of the Indian freedom movement.

Basu said that the state government’s “Paray Sikshalay” (learning center in your place) project will be rolled out in every block from Feb. 7 and will benefit 60 lakh students at pre-school and lower level.

“In the COVID situation, we realize that a large number of students in many schools, especially in rural areas, are deprived of classroom education, which hinders their growth. Thanks to our initiative, students can take classes in the open space in their own neighborhood. It has been acclaimed by UNESCO.”

He said 50159 schools will be involved in the project where classes will be held in the open area next to the school buildings. More than two lakh teachers and 21,000 para-teachers (contract teachers in kindergartens and primary schools) will teach the children.

On another question about the reopening of schools, which have now been closed for about two years due to the pandemic, Basu said: “We are concerned about the education of children, but at the same time, the government is living under the COVID-19 situation and can no risk”.

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, in consultation with health experts, will answer the call about phased opening of campuses at the right time, he added.

Sajal Jain
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