UPSC Success Story: Why Did This Girl Become an IAS Officer After Leaving the Medical Profession? Read Neha Jain’s Success Story

Thousands of students take the Civil Service Exam every year, but only a few candidates achieve success on their first attempt and some candidates can only achieve success after multiple attempts. This mix of success and failure makes UPSC very special. There are many such stories around us that are an example of success. They do not give up and achieve success even in the most difficult situations. One such story is the story of IAS Neha Jain, who decided to leave the medical profession and become an IAS officer.

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IAS officer Dr. Neha Jain is originally from Delhi and her early studies were also done in Delhi. Neha then took a degree in dentistry from a renowned institute in Delhi and after graduating she joined as a dental consultant. dr. Neha succeeded in her career as a dentist, but she still felt incomplete. His mind was constantly moving in the direction of UPSC. But she didn’t want to take any chances with her career, so she started preparing for UPSC with a job.

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Neha believes that with 4-5 hours of studying per day you can pass the UPSC exam. He believes that more and more studies should be done during the weekend. In addition, Neha says that time management is very important for job seekers. He says that if you have a problem during your preparation, you should go on the internet and prepare accordingly.

IAS Dr. Neha believes that you can prepare for this exam even with a job. However, you must decide that you should at least take it as the first and last attempt and pass the exam accordingly. Neha often failed during UPSC, but instead of panicking, she changed her strategy and achieved success. He believes that in an uncertain exam like UPSC, good thinking, better strategy, more revision, writing practice answers and most importantly time management. By taking all these things together, success can be achieved.

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