UPSC Success Story: This IAS Loved Her Son For Preparation, Got All India Rank 2

Every UPSC topper has a different path, a different story. If someone succeeds on the first try, it takes a while for someone to succeed (UPSC Success Story). Every person who participates in the Civil Service Survey is not only a student of a school or college, but always a mother and a housewife have participated in this survey and proved their iron dignity to the world. Similar is the story of Anu Kumari who got rank 2 (IAS Anu Kumari) in UPSC 2017. Anu achieved this success when her son was only 4 years old.

Anu Kumar, who took second place in UPSC in 2017, is a native of Sonipat, Haryana. Anu’s father works in a personnel organization in a hospital and her mother is a housewife. After completing his schooling, he was admitted to Hindu College, DU Delhi and obtained a degree in Physics. Anu, who lives in Sonipat, had to take the train to Delhi every day to go to university. After her studies, Anu got a job in Mumbai through placement in ICICI Mutual Fund. After working in Mumbai for almost 2 years, she moved to Gurugram in 2012 and got married.

In school days, everyone recommended Anu to take the civil service exam, but he felt that he should first get financial shape and strengthen himself, only then should he think about civil service. When she became financially able while working, she decided to take the Civil Service Exam. Anu says her maternal uncle and brother inspired her to appear in UPSC. With this inspiration, she quit her job in 2016 and started preparing for the civil service.

Anu was unsuccessful in her first attempt and she missed the cut-off by just one point. Lack of time was a major reason behind failure to achieve success on the first attempt as he only had a month to spare. Anu said that when she was preparing on her first attempt, she always spent as much time as possible on her preparation. He felt that he was short on time.

But the failure and preparation of the first attempt helped him a lot in achieving success in the second attempt. Anu is the mother of a child and while she was preparing for the second attempt, she had to prepare by staying away from her child. It was extremely difficult for both Anu and her child. Often in the love of her son, Anu felt that she had to give up the preparation, but still she stood her ground and continued with the preparation. Anu did not let this sacrifice go unpunished and achieved success by achieving rank 2 on her second attempt.

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Priyanshi Mayuri
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