UPSC Success Story: The Girl Who Failed 12th Economy Newspaper Didn’t Become IAS Until Age 22, Knows Anju Sharma’s Story

The UPSC exam is no less than a struggle for every student in which luck, labor and opportunity are very important to win. In this exam full of uncertainties, even after luck, labor and opportunity, there is often no success the first time, but those who try again and again often achieve success by beating everything. There is a myth among the people that only top students can pass this exam. But even one percent of this is not true. A person who works hard and studies wholeheartedly will not succeed on the first attempt, but certainly on the second or third attempt. That is the story of Anju Sharma, who passed the UPSC exam.

Anju Sharma passed the UPSC exam at the age of 22. He started his career as an assistant collector of Rajkot in 1991. On hearing about his success, one will feel that such a huge success at such a young age is truly spectacular. But his journey was not so easy. Anju had failed in the Economics paper in Class XII and also faced failure in the Chemistry Pre Board of Class X.

The amazing thing is, Anju, who failed in the Economics paper, differentiated in the rest of the courses. This may sound very strange, but it is true. Anju believes that failure only prepares one for great success. Anju, currently chief secretary of Ministry of Education (Higher and Technical Education), Secretariat of Gandhinagar, believes that these two events in her life shaped her future.

Anju once told a leading daily that she still had many chapters to cover during her pre-board and it was almost after dinner that she started to panic because she was not ready for the exam and she knew it was that she would to fail . In addition, he shared that everyone around him emphasized how important the achievement of the 10th grade is, as it determines our higher education.

In difficult times, parents never leave their children’s side and their mother remained steadfast even with Anju. During this difficult time, his mother comforted and inspired him. Anju also learned a lesson from her failure that you shouldn’t depend on last-minute studies. After failing, he started preparing for the college exam from the very beginning and this helped him to become a gold medalist in his college. He completed BSc and MBA from Jaipur. The same strategy also helped him pass the UPSC exam on the first attempt. Anju already completed her syllabus and broke through the list of IAS toppers in the very first attempt.

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Priyanshi Mayuri
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