UPSC Result 2020: Haryana’s Nisha Takes 187th Place, City…

Nisha from Manesar village in Nakhraula in Gurgaon has proved once again by passing the UPSC exam that when the spirits are high, no power can stop you from reaching the destination. Nisha, daughter of Nakhraula village, who is currently serving as a city magistrate in Yamunanagar, this time took 187th place in the 2020 UPSC Civil Services Examination. Even after giving her services in the public service, Nisha did not stop hard at work. to work. Despite all the challenges in between work, Nisha has fulfilled her dream by reaching a good position. Nisha had achieved the 503 rank by passing the UPSC exam last year.

In a special interview with Bihar Engineering, Nisha shared that her dream was to become an ISS. For this, he did not stop working even after becoming an officer of the HCS (Haryana Public Service). Nisha said that in addition to her work, she also had a place in her life for study. Nisha said that when she came home after work, she always studied when she had time in the evenings. If he came late at night, his goal was to wake up early in the morning and read.

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Nisha said that the newspaper has played an important role in her life. He has a lot to learn through newspapers. Nisha attributed her success to her parents. Nisha said her parents have always boosted her morale. Whenever he needed it, he did it. In addition, Nisha also thanked her friends for boosting her morale. It is noteworthy that Nisha’s father Narendra works as a transporter and lives with the family in the village of Manesar in Nakhraula. Nisha also has a younger brother and an older sister. At the same time, Nisha’s mother is a housewife.

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