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UPSC Result 2020: Every year, thousands of students prepare for the UPSC exam, but only a few achieve success. Successful candidates have their own unique approach. Aspirants who achieve success with precise strategy and hard work are an inspiration to the preparatory students. The story of Ankita Jain Tyagi from Agra, who took third place in the country in the Civil Service Examination (IAS), also inspires the youth. His philosophy is that no profession is small or large. It is only necessary to focus on the goal to achieve it.

When the results of the UPSC investigation were announced on Friday, it turned out to be the biggest night of Ankita Jain Tyagi’s life. Talking to ‘ Bihar Engineering’, Ankita shared the fundamental mantra of her success, saying: Six hours of study is a lot. He benefited greatly from the preparation with strategy. Special care has been taken to ensure that what is read must be of quality. Ankita Jain Tyagi was elected Allied IAS (Deputy Accountant General Mumbai) in the year 2019. But she was not satisfied with her success. He kept his dream of becoming an IAS alive with a job and after two years in 2021 he also waved the flag of success. He says it was difficult to study next to the job. For this he had to apply strict time management. He said that instead of wandering here and there, the young people should go to the area they want. If you prepare to keep the focus on that, then you will definitely achieve success.

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Thanks to parents and husband
Ankita attributes her success to her parents and husband. Meanwhile, phone calls started ringing congratulating Ankita, who took third place nationwide, on her success. From Agra in-laws to maternal uncle, Delhi began to celebrate success.

Ankita Jain Tyagi
Current Occupation: Allied IAS (Deputy Accountant General Mumbai)
Education: B.Tech, Institute of Technology, New Delhi
Husband: Abhinav Tyagi, IPS (ASP Gondia, Maharashtra)

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success mantra
For UPSC preparation, you just need to focus on smart study.
You can strengthen your base by reading NCERT books up to 12.
First clarify the basics of the subject and then read according to the syllabus.
While studying or preparing, take small notes from your books.
Work hard and maximum revision is the key to success.

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