UPSC IAS: Failed 4 consecutive times in UPSC Prelims, became an IAS officer by getting an excellent rank in the 5th attempt

UPSC IAS: Lakhs of youths who cherish the dream of becoming IAS, IPS officer in life continue to prepare for Union Public Service Commission Civil Service Examination (UPSC – UPSC Civil Services Exam) for many years. The sting of failed attempts is magnified amid taunts and negativity from near and dear ones. On this difficult path, many candidates turn around and grab another field and some remain steadfast. The story of Tanushree Meena from Rajasthan will teach you the importance of patience, determination, unwavering faith and self-confidence on this path. Tanushree, who hails from Jaipur, failed the prelims of the UPSC Civil Services Examination four times in a row. Despite giving many attempts, many candidates leave the field because they cannot clear the prelims. But Tanushree stood her ground. Keep working hard. Finally, on the 5th attempt, she became an IAS officer by getting the 120th rank in the 2021 UPSC Civil Services Exam.

Tanushree had set the goal of UPSC in the 12th standard in the school itself. He passed 12th from the science side. To make way for UPSC Civil Services, he took admission in the BA History Honors course at DU’s Miranda House. After this, he did MA in History from JNU, Delhi. He became interested in this subject after studying history continuously for 5 years. The grip also got stronger. He also chose this subject as his option in UPSC.

Mother encouraged in the midst of constant failures
Even after failing prelims one after another, Tanushree didn’t give up and stood his ground. Although the heart was necessarily broken when he could not complete even the first phase of the first attempts, his mother always encouraged him. He said, “When they saw the sister doing MBBS, the relatives started saying that if she had also done a medical course, she would have started making money. But mother always explained to me that your result and work will make everyone stop talking.

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GK was good, math was weak
Failed 4 times in a row in the prelims and then 120th in the 5th time, how did this happen? To this question, Tanushree said the biggest hurdle on her way to cracking UPSC was Prelims. In an interview, she said, “I was very confident that once the prelims are known, I will easily pass the outline and the interview and get a good rank.” General studies were my strong point, but math remained my weak point. General Studies Paper-2 is going to be tough so my focus was on CSAT in the 2021 attempt. This helped me to complete the entrance exam and move on.

Watch Toppers Interview
Tanushree During the preparation I set daily and weekly goals. Used to read online current affairs. M. Read NCERT for Laxmikant’s Polity, Geography. Keep books and notes limited and read them over and over. Used to update the notes again and again. Tanushree said that she often watched videos of top players during the preparation. Find out what they do that she doesn’t. Watch the interviews of Shubham Kumar, Tina Dabi, Artika Shukla.

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The cheerful atmosphere of the house did not allow to get under stress
In a TV interview, she shared that she started preparing for UPSC when she was graduating. But along with PG studies, the preparation of the UPSC could not be done properly. After completing her Masters in 2018, she returned to Jaipur and did her preparations by staying at home. He said, “My relatives have supported me a lot in my success. The cozy atmosphere at home prevented me from getting stressed. Used to living a normal life by staying at home with them. Before the prelims, I studied 8 to 10 hours a day. I used to study 13-14 hours a day before going to UPSC. I took it lightly during the interview because personality is more important than studies. After that I paid more attention to myself. As she sat, she kept wondering what her answer would be if asked this question. Then I worked more on thinking than reading. The emphasis was on developing analytical skills.

message to the youth
Tanushree gave a message to the girls who are preparing for the UPSC Civil Services Examination saying that you have to fight to make your dreams come true. If you want to do something in life, talk openly with your parents. People will keep saying one thing or the other. But ignore the negative things. Ensure consistency in exam preparation, be enthusiastic and always focus on your goal.

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