UP School reopens: After a month and a half, children from nursery to class VIII go to school, school principal is aware of safety

By order of the government, schools from kindergarten to grade eight have prepared to summon the children. The government has asked the schools to strictly follow Kovid’s instructions. Schools have started preparations. School times vary. Classes last from 8:00 AM to 2:30 PM.

Due to Kovid, offline classes in schools have been discontinued for the past month and a half. After reducing the infection rate, instructions have been given to open schools from grades 9 to 12 and now from kindergarten to grade eight. A seating plan is drawn up taking into account the social distancing at schools. In addition to offline, many schools also offer the option of online teaching.

The thermal scanning of children is done at school. The Kovid helpdesk is also being set up. BSA Vijay Pratap Singh said the order from the municipality to open the school is still pending. Covid guidelines will be followed.

parental care

There is confusion among parents about sending young children to school. Until now, many major schools in the city conducted online exams. But as soon as the order to open the school came, these schools stopped the online exams and sent the information to the parents about the administration of the exams in the school from February 14. Guardian Pooja Shukla said there are concerns about the health of the children. School, but the school management must take all security measures. Parent Neha said it is difficult to maintain social distancing at school.

Now online classes at Christ Church

Most schools in the city have called children from kindergarten to grade eight as of Feb. 14. But with a view to the exams, there are also some mission schools. Those who do not make offline calls from kindergarten to grade four from February 14. Rakesh Chhetri, principal of Christ Church College, said children from grades 5 to 8 will be called to school from Monday. Lessons for younger children are now going online. Offline education for students and girls from class 9 to 12 has started.

school manager aware of safety

Lucknow Pre School Association Secretary Dr. Tushar Chetwani said 80 percent of parents have consented to offline classes. Online classes will also be held. Anil Agarwal, president of the Unaided Private School Association, said there are only a few days left before the exams. Therefore, all attention will be paid to studies. Attention is also paid to the safety of children. The job of the staff is delegated to supervise the children.

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