UP Assistant Teacher Recruitment: Candidates dissatisfied with Hindi answer key, said – amount and use of punctuation marks change meaning

Controversy has also arisen regarding the final answer key of the written exam taken for recruitment for the positions of assistant professor in 2003 in non-government supported colleges. Out of the answer keys of 47 subjects released by the Uttar Pradesh Higher Education Service Commission on February 11, the answer to only one question on trade subject in two sets has been considered correct while in two sets it has been rejected as wrong.

Candidates have requested to correct the discrepancy by sending an email to the Commission. The committee had made 4 sets of question papers A, B, C and D in which the questions were the same, but their numbering was back and forth. Option A has been taken as the correct answer to question 51 in series A and question 40 in series C is exactly the same question that the Commission has removed from the final answer key. So the number of canceled questions in sets A and B is seven, and the number of canceled questions in sets C and D is eight. In such a situation, the candidates fear that the answer to the exact same question has been given in two sets A and B and the same question has been removed from the sets C and D.

Candidates Not Satisfied With Hindi Answer Key

The Hindi subject candidates of Assistant Professor Recruitment are also not satisfied with the final answer key. Candidates say that the use of words, quantities and punctuation marks in the language completely changes the meaning, but the Higher Education Service Service Commission does not think ‘A Sketch on Hindi Literature’ is wrong instead of ‘A Sketch of Hindi Literature’. Doesn’t understand the difference between Edwin Greaves and Edwin Greaves. In the General Studies paper Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s birthplace is considered to be ‘Sukkar Chakia’ rather than the proper word ‘Sukar Chakia’. Instead of ‘Dumpa’ or ‘Dampa’ we think of ‘Dampa’. Instead of Valmiki Tiger Reserve, the incomplete sentence Valmiki Reserve has been accepted as correct. Candidates have objected to this.

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