UK team develops bonded aluminium process for Polestar 5

Polestar’s UK R&D team at MIRA Technology Park has developed a glued aluminum production process for the upcoming Polestar 5 electric performance 4-door GT.

bonded aluminum
(Image: Polestar)

Vehicles made with mixed metal structures are bonded with welding and approximately 3,500-4,000 rivets compared to bonded aluminum unibody technology which uses glue and oven curing to join parts. The process results in a structure that is lightweight and rigid, but it is also labor intensive and challenging to scale without sacrificing quality. As a result, bonded aluminum is limited to low-volume cars.

Now Polestar said its 280-strong team has solved this challenge by developing an all-new, faster manufacturing process that develops the body and platform in harmony.

Due to the new materials and techniques involved, the body-in-white is expected to weigh less than cars in smaller segments, contributing to improved vehicle efficiency, realistic EV range and dynamic responsiveness . The new bonded aluminum platform will also contribute to faster product launch, high quality and platform rigidity.

Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath said in a statement: “Our UK R&D team is one of Polestar’s greatest assets. Their blend of engineering and technological expertise enables us to develop advanced, lightweight sports car technology with a creative mindset and a spirit that embraces innovative engineering. This will distinguish Polestar for years to come.”

Further developing this technology for Polestar’s first internal platform, the 4-door Polestar 5 is designed with torsional rigidity that is claimed to be superior to that of a traditional two-seat sports or supercar. The decision to develop a custom platform has also enabled the brand to deliver a production model that stays true to the Polestar Precept concept car that inspired it.

“We knew we wanted this car to be lightweight, we knew we wanted high quality and we knew we wanted it fast,” said Pete Allen, head of Polestar UK R&D. “This architecture delivers excellent dynamics and safety features, with low investment technology applicable to high production volumes.”

A series of films showing the development of the vehicle can be found here on youtube

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