UCEED 2022 today: Check last minute preparation tips, exam day guidelines

IIT-Bombay will de UCEED 2022 entrance exam on January 23, 2022, from 9 am to 12 pm. The exam is taken in both online mode (computer-based) and offline (pen paper-based). Part A of UCEED 2022 will be held online while Part B will be held offline. IIT Bombay has already released the entrance tickets along with the important instructions. Candidates can download the same from the official website at uceed.iitb.ac.in.

after the exam, UCEED 2022 Answer Key and the result is released. However, those who want to excel can follow these preparation tips and exam guidelines below.

UCEED 2022 last minute preparation tips

– The examination officers have the drawing questions from last year through last year’s UCEED questionnaire. Candidates can practice these questions to understand difficulty and increase their speed and accuracy.

– Make some last minute notes for each of the important topics. This will help the candidate better remember the concept.

Take 1-2 mock tests from various sources on the web to evaluate performance and analyze strengths and weaknesses.

Brush up on the logical and creative thinking skills as most of the MCQs in the exam are often observational and sensory based.

Practice last-minute sketch strokes and freehand drawing. The drawing section covers part B of the exam, so candidates should spend enough time practicing sketching.

Learn general knowledge and environmental studies to get good grades. This is a relatively easy part where students can score full marks. One last look at current events.

Solve newspaper crossword puzzles to improve their reasoning skills.

UCEED 2022 Exam Guidelines

Candidates must follow these COVID-19 guidelines during the UCEED 2022 exam. Students who do not follow the guidelines mentioned may be excluded from the exam.

Candidates must have their UCEED 2022 Admission Ticket along with an original government issued ID.

Candidates must carefully read all instructions related to the exam including all details about the exam center such as address, reporting time, etc. which are provided on the UCEED 2022 Admission Card.

Candidates must be at the exam center at least one hour before the start of the exam to maintain a smooth course.

Candidates must bring their pencils to the examination room in a transparent pouch. Colors, sketch pens, gel or ballpoint pens, etc are not allowed in the test center. It is mandatory for all candidates to bring an A4 size whiteboard to the exam

Candidates must positively complete and sign the COVID-19 declaration form provided on the admission card.

Follow appropriate COVID-19 behavior such as wearing your own mask and transparent bottle of hand sanitizer.

Before the start of the exam, the candidate’s temperature is measured via thermal detectors.

Candidates are not allowed to bring electronic gadgets to the examination hall.

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