Tripura to publish term-I results for Madhyamik, higher secondary exams by mid-Feb

dr. Bhabatosh Saha, chairman of the Tripura Board of Secondary Education (TBSE), said on Saturday that the evaluation of Term I answer scripts of Madhyamik (entrance exam) and upper secondary exams is almost over and the results would be published in mid-February. He added that preparations for the Term II exam are underway.

“Evaluation of Madhyamik Answer Scripts has been completed, but that of upper secondary is still pending for a few subjects. We hope it will be over in 2-3 days. This year we are processing our results within our board, with the help of an external agency. So we will be able to publish the results within a week of completing the evaluation,” he told reporters in Agartala.

No grade list would be provided for the results of Term I, as it is not a standalone result, but is linked to the research results of Term II, said Dr. saha. The results of Term I would be announced online and a consolidated statement would be provided to each school to communicate the results to students.

The head of the council explained that if the Term II exams, scheduled for April, are not conducted due to the prevailing pandemic conditions, the evaluation system would focus only on the Term I results.

He said questions for the Term II exam are being prepared. Term II questions would be placed in the pattern of Term I. It would contain 10 multiple choice questions (MCQ), 20 very short answer types and 5 short answer type questions in each 40 point paper.

For both Madhyamik and upper secondary, three sets of questionnaires would be maintained: odd, even and English medium candidates.

Students are requested to submit application forms for the Term II exam from 15 March. However, the practical exams for Term II are expected to be completed by mid-March.

The evaluation process for Term I response scripts began on January 19 under strict Covid protocol at five locations for upper secondary papers and at ten locations for Madhyamik response scripts. No fewer than 1,250 employees, including principal examiners and examiners, were assigned to the evaluation of higher secondary papers, while 2,900 examiners and principal examiners were assigned to answer scripts at admission level.

About 43,180 candidates from 1,026 schools have registered for the Madhyamik board exams this year, while about 28,902 candidates from 406 schools have registered for the upper secondary exam this year, including madrassa students. However, the state government later allowed all interested candidates to appear for this year’s board exams, even if they had not registered for it.

Sajal Jain
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