This is how you can clean up UPSC with a job, IAS Sumit Rai told strategy

Becoming an IAS officer is a tough job and preparing for it with a job is even harder. After deciding to jump into the world of UPSC Civil Services, candidates must have a deep understanding of what they are up to.

While it is believed that people should quit their jobs to prepare for the UPSC IAS exam, the current generation is not following this trend. Gone are the days when you had to quit your job to become an IAS. Today’s youth works with studies. IAS officer Sumit Kumar Rai told how a job can prepare you for the exam. Let us know in detail.

IAS Sumit Kumar Rai: UPSC Preparation and Battle

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IAS Sumit has tried UPSC CSE 5 times. He did not give up his job and managed to complete the course over the weekend. He knew that UPSC would test his mental strength and he guides all aspirants in that direction as well.

He says, “Every UPSC aspirant should understand that CSE is a test of your mental strength. There are three phases of this exam which are the preparatory phase, the main phase and the interview phase. Each time you appear for the exam, it will be exam taken. I may or may not come in. Candidates must therefore keep hoping.

Sumit Kumar suggests, “It’s important to conduct mock tests for self-evaluation. It’s a tool that will help you remember everything you’re studying.”

Sumit himself studied 4-5 hours in the morning before going to work and every evening after the office. Weekend was his best time to prepare. He says that any candidate who has a day job does not have to quit, but must remain disciplined. Sumit adds: “I woke up before going to work and spent at least three hours studying. Even while traveling I read the newspaper or listen to audio related to that topic. .”

Let us tell you that he has attempted the UPSC IAS exam 5 times and achieved the 54th rank in his 5th attempt in CSE 2018. IAS Sumit Kumar Rai shares his success mantra and says, “If there is any doubt or a sense of despair in you head, always remind yourself why you want to be employed, it will help you move forward”

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Know about- IAS Sumit Kumar Rai

IAS Sumit Kumar Rai is an engineer by profession, specialized in Petroleum Engineering and has done MTech in Petroleum Management. Sumit is an alumnus of Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad, an institute of engineering and IIT. He was a brilliant student from childhood and wanted to do something great for the country.

After graduating, he worked as an intern at ONGC and as a summer intern at Cairn Energy in Gurgaon on the “Completion design for Mangala EOR Injectors: Selective Completion” project.

He completed a 5-year dual degree from ISM Dhanbad including M.Tech in Petroleum Management along with B.Tech in Petroleum Engineering. He was awarded a gold medal there for being the best in the industry. He initially worked as a Petroleum Engineer in Cairn India and stayed there for 6 years and 2 months and got 2 promotions within that period to become a Reservoir Engineer and Sr.Reservoir Engineer.

Sumit said in an interview: “When I was doing well and earning well in my job, I was not satisfied. The work was monotonous and I knew I had the potential to do more and serve the country better. This was my some motivation to try UPSC five times.

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