The state of the exam center is crisp, due to lack of name and address, the candidates have reached the center

The Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC) preparatory exam has been canceled due to leakage and the commission has ordered an investigation. On the leak of the exam, the authority says that this incident was brought up by the new exam center. This time, the committee had conducted the survey in 1,083 centers for about 6 lakh candidates. There were also many centers where it was absolutely impossible to take the exam, yet those exam centers were on the list. The students complained that their exam centers were given far away, which they had to go through a lot of effort to reach. There were also many exam centers that had no address or other information on the admission card.

You have reached the center!
One such center was the RK Shah Women’s College in Kishanganj. This college has also been selected as the BPSC Exam Center for the prelims exam. But when the students got there, they didn’t find the college on the admission card and reached the center with a chuckle. Candidates say there was a problem finding the exam center and much of their time was wasted. The candidate attending the exam, Sanjay (name changed), says that similarly exam centers are assigned in BPSC. Sometimes out of reach and sometimes a center without a name.

‘Ghar Gopalganj and Center Kishanganj’…..
Sanjay (name changed) is from Gopalganj and got the Kishanganj exam center. Speaking to Bihar Engineering, he told that the question papers are usually sealed, but when the question paper was given yesterday, it was already torn. When questioned about this, the officer present at the center said that he had been given a paper similar to this one. After the officer’s answer, all the candidates were silent. But the students of Ara Center expressed their protest not with silence but with commotion.

Previously, the exam was postponed four times
Even before the exam, the question sheet went viral on social media around 11 a.m. The exam was supposed to start at 12 noon, but when the assignments were not given for a long time after the exam time, the students started to create a commotion. Students say that when there was a delay in getting the questionnaire, they asked for the questionnaire but were told they would be given an extra half hour for the exam. Hearing this, the students became suspicious and created a riot.

Students reported that half of the exam candidates had already received the questions at the center. In addition, the access card was not properly checked and no instructions were given for the telephone when entering the center. More than 5 lakh students appeared in the prelims exam and appeared in the exam by crossing most subject conditions to appear in the exam. Previously, the 67th BPSC preliminary exam had been postponed four times, and this time, the cancellation of the exam has only disappointed the students and their parents.

IAS officer has this authority, knows work and responsibility

Priyanshi Mayuri
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