Supreme Court directs CMC Vellore to conduct PG admissions as per Tamil Nadu govt’s minority merit list

In a key order, the Supreme Court said on Wednesday that the postgraduate medical seats in Christian Medical College Vellore for the 2021-2022 academic session would be filled based on the minority merit list prepared by the government of Tamil Nadu.

A bench of Judges L Nagewara Rao and BR Gavai found strength in the vehement comments of Additional Advocate General Amit Anand Tiwari, who appeared before the state government, that the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) regulations clearly state that admission to the medical courses, both MBBS and the PG must be done from NEET merit list.

During the hearing, senior advocate Shyam Divan, who appeared before the minority institution, argued against the communications of Tamil Nadu seeking a 50-50 split of seats from two lists prepared by the state government and the admission institution respectively. to the PG courses.

The institution not only argued that the seat-sharing methodology communicated by the state government would not be allowed, but also sought approval for its own student selection method, which admits the students from more than 23 zonal regions. from lists sent by various “Protestant Churches/Christian Organizations”.

Divan said that even after NEET came into effect, the institution admitted students who qualified under a transparent method.

He also argued that the best one and two students are selected from any list from such regional zones and are selected after counseling, so the selection method is based on merit.

Tiwari opposed the plea, saying that NEET regulations provided that admissions had to be carried out according to the merit list prepared by the government agencies.

Referring to the verdict, Tamil Nadu’s counsel said states are required to maintain a merit list of minority students.

He also showed from the list of admitted students that some of them got the admission in the institution after ignoring and bypassing the students who were higher on the minority merit list prepared by the state.

In its plea, the CMC has also requested a preliminary injunction to be allowed to continue with the old method of selection as was done for the past three years for the PG admissions in the current year.

The highest court refused to grant the waiver and ordered that the full 100 percent PG seats for the 2021-2022 academic session should be filled through the minority merit list prepared by Tamil Nadu.

Sajal Jain
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