Success Story: This girl failed 6 times, listened to the taunts of relatives, but did not lose heart and became an IAS

Success Story: It is said that no one is ahead of time and more than happiness, be it success or whatever. Whatever is written in a person’s destiny, he gets it alone, no matter how much effort he puts into it. But hard work and perseverance are two of those aspects that also change the chance of happiness. These things may sound very schooly, but the stories of UPSC champions seem to live up to these rules.

Pallavi Verma’s UPSC journey, who achieved 340 in the UPSC 2020 ranking, is a perfect example of changing fortunes through hard work. It took seven years for Pallavi to get her name on the UPSC list. This was Pallavi’s seventh attempt in 2020 and she placed 340th in this attempt.

Pallavi, who lives in Indore, was educated from Indore itself and graduated in Biotechnology. She is the first girl in her family to be privileged to attend college and study. After graduation, Pallavi worked as a software tester in Chennai for 10-11 months and after 2013, he started to fully prepare for the civil service exam i.e. UPSC.

He took the exam from 2013 to 2020. Failed three times in preliminaries, even failed the interview three times and once broke the main dream. But in the seventh attempt of 2020, he was awarded rank 340 and became an IAS.

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The mother got cancer during the seventh attempt
Although Pallavi managed to find her name in the UPSC list in her seventh attempt, she had to pass the test of luck this time as well. Her mother was battling cancer and undergoing chemotherapy as she appeared for the 2020 exams. It is very difficult for any child to see the parents in difficulty, even in such difficult times, Pallavi kept her patience and continued to prepare with the mother.

When the happiness left, parents held hands
Tired of repeated failures in UPSC, Pallavi made the decision to give up and give up preparation, but it was her parents who continued to give her courage. With the increasing preparation of Pallavi, age continued to increase and hair continued to whiten, facial wrinkles continued to increase. Relatives said, “If you haven’t had success so far, what are you getting now, it’s no luck.” As age increases, who will get married? But Pallavi’s parents listened to no one’s words and stood as a shield to protect their daughter from the taunts of all relatives and society.

New strategy created by correcting past mistakes in seventh attempt
In 2013, Pallavi jumped into prep without knowing the exam pattern, which resulted in her failing. In the seventh attempt, namely 2020, he corrected his weaknesses and changed the preparation strategy. He started preparing by going to the library and making a timetable. This change and hard work paid off and became an IAS officer by achieving rank 340 in the UPSC 2020 exam.

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