Success Story: Once used to sell tea with dad, today it’s IAS, that’s how it was made by staying in the village

UPSC Success Story: Every young person dreams of passing the UPSC exam to get into the civil service. For this, lakhs of youth also study for 10-12 hours a day for years, although even after this dream is fulfilled by only a few selected youths. Even today thousands of young people are running from village to city to prepare for this exam, while staying in such village, cracking this exam cannot even be conceived as preparation for far away.

IAS Himanshu Gupta, who passed the UPSC exam 2020, has cleared this confusion from the youth. Himanshu passed this difficult exam not once, but three times with the help of some coaching while staying in the village. With the help of this article, today we will know Himanshu success story and exam preparation tips.

Himanshu’s childhood was full of struggle

Himanshu Gupta’s childhood was born in Sitarganj in Udham Singh district of Uttarakhand. He spent his childhood in Sirauli, a small town in the Bareilly district. Himanshu described his initial struggles in an interview, saying that his childhood was very different from ordinary children as his family’s financial condition was not good. He spent his childhood in extreme poverty.

Himanshu’s father initially worked as a day labourer, making it difficult for the family to survive. Later, he started to set up a tea stall and Himanshu helped his father with this work even after school. Later, the whole family moved to Sirauli in the Bareilly district, where his father opened his own shop. Himanshu says my father runs the same shop to this day.

Had to travel 70 km to go to school

Even after he moved to Bareilly, Himanshu’s problems did not diminish, as there was no school nearby. Himanshu says: “The nearest English secondary school was 35 km away and they had to travel 70 km every day to get there. Himanshu was already smart in his studies, after the 12th Himanshu got admission to Hindu College in Delhi.

Now the biggest problem was money. That is why, in addition to studying, he also gave tuition fees, wrote paid blogs and received many scholarships. After graduating, Himanshu enrolled in a master’s degree in environmental sciences at DU and topped the university. After this, Himanshu got the chance to go abroad and get his PhD, but he decided to stay in the country.

UPSC preparation by staying at home

After completing his education, Himanshu returned to his home and began to prepare for civil service by staying there. After that, he worked hard and appeared and passed the UPSC exam for the first time in the year 2018, but he was selected for the Indian Railway Traffic Service (IRTS). After this, Himanshu continued his preparation with the job and took the exam again in 2019.

Himanshu was selected for the Indian Police Service (IPS) on his second attempt. After which he was selected for the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) in his third attempt. During this time, Himanshu never took the help of coaching, nor did he move to a big city. He prepared at home and cracked this exam 3 times in a row.

Know Himanshu . Exam Preparation Strategy

To prepare for this exam, most candidates go to the big city and get the help of coaching there. At the same time, Himanshu decided to do self-study. Explaining his strategy, Himanshu said in an interview that for this exam, he read NCERT books first and then prepared from standard books.

And whenever he needed, he used the internet and took notes. The internet has helped him a lot with exam preparation. Himanshu said he never stopped reading the newspaper because it gave him complete information about current affairs. They believe that everyone should read the newspaper or magazine daily during the preparation.

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Himanshu’s Advice to Exam Preparation Candidates

Himanshu helps the candidates preparing for this exam to proceed with better strategy. He says that those who want to prepare by living in a small town or town should use the help of the internet and work hard to fulfill their dream. Himanshu says you should read the paper every day, consult NCERT books, go to the internet to see notes, and make your timetable accordingly. According to Himanshu, you can pass the UPSC exam by taking care of these little things.

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