Success Story of UPSC: This village of UP is the factory of IAS, IPS, there are 47 agents here

Officer Village in India: Madhopatti, a small village in Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh, has written a new success book in which 75 families have given 47 civil servants to the country. While metropolitan cities like Delhi are known for their civil service preparation, Madhopatti is also fully prepared to give Delhi competition. UPSC i.e. Civil Services Exam is considered to be the toughest exam in the country, for which the candidates work day and night to prepare. This is a test that tests both the candidate’s writing and personality. In such a situation, there is a need for proper planning and preparation in the right direction, for which the candidates often approach the coaching center. But when we tell you that without the help of coaching, Madhopatti’s fans are raising their flags during the Civil Services Examination, will you believe it? This will certainly sound like a fairy tale to you, but it is true.

Madhopatti, a small family of only 75 families near Lucknow, has sent many IAS, IPS and IFS officers to the country. The success of the promising students of Madhopatti is not only limited to the civil service, but they also provide their services to ISRO and the International Court of Justice. Although the journey to become an officer of the village students had started in 1914 when Madhopatti gave the first IAS officer in the form of Mustafa Hussain in 1914, but it came into discussion when Madhopatti landed a total of 47 officers. .

Second UPSC Officer in 1951: Indu Prakash passed the UPSC exam in 1951 and got the post from IFS and earned the award as the second top performer.

Third Selection in 1953: In 1953, Vidya Prakash and Vinay Prakash of Madhopatti passed the UPSC exam and took over the post from IAS.

UPSC officer again in 1964: Ajay and Chhatrapal made the village proud by achieving success in UPSC in 1964.

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Success without coaching just hard work
The most important of the successful candidates of Madhopatti is that there is no coaching center for miles around in this village and even then the dedication and hard work of the students made everything very easy and they got a place in the toughest exam in the country . While coaching is considered by many to be an important factor in UPSC’s preparation and journey, Madhopatti has completely rejected this belief and set new records of success.

Example for the students who study in the village
Without coaching, even without urban charm, this village shines and acts like a light in the form of officers. Madhopatti is an example for all those people who are reluctant just because they belong to the village and how officers are born from the village. But the truth is that hard work, dedication and preparation don’t take the shape of a town or city. He who works hard gets success.

Priyanshi Mayuri
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