StoreDot unveils roadmap for XFC roll-out

StoreDot has unveiled 100inX, the company’s strategic technology roadmap, aimed at providing batteries that can deliver a 100-mile charge in a two-minute charge.

(Image: StoreDot)

The Israeli company said it is also on track to produce its silicon-dominant anode XFC (extremely fast charging) lithium-ion cells at scale by 2024. These will be able to deliver 100 miles of range in a five-minute charge.

At the same time, StoreDot said it is well advanced in developing semi-solid-state technologies that will improve batteries by 40 percent in four years, deliver 100 miles of charge in three minutes, and be ready for use by 2028. mass production.

100in5, 100in3 and 100in2 – silicon dominant XFC, semi solid state and full solid state batteries – will ship over the next decade with 100in5 by 2024, 100in3 by 2028 and 100in2 by 2032.

In a statement, Dr. Doron Myersdorf, StoreDot CEO said: “It is absolutely crucial that we give global automakers a clear, realistic and hype-free roadmap for the introduction of our fast-charging battery technologies. After intensive development of our silicon-dominant chemistry, we will be mass-produced by 2024 and deliver a transformative product that will overcome the key barrier to the widespread adoption of electric vehicles: charging times and range anxiety.

“However, we are committed to a rapid transition to a cleaner, zero-emission world and our strategic technology roadmap extends well beyond 2024, with each milestone representing an impressive performance improvement – ​​a major impact on the driver experience. We’re also making progress on our semi-solid-state battery, which aims to reach mass production by 2028, which will demonstrate a better charging experience for EV drivers in terms of miles per minute of charging.

“Our ultimate goal, and one that we are now absolutely within reach, is to produce cells that will revolutionize charge times and achieve 100 miles of range in just two minutes. This groundbreaking feat once thought impossible is achievable within just 10 years with StoreDot technology.”

StoreDot’s charging cells will be available in pouches and 4680 family sizes, which the company says are preferred by most global automakers.

The XFC cells have been worked on in collaboration with experts from Israel, the UK, the US and China and ‘100in5’ cells are currently being tested by a number of OEMs in the automotive industry.

Abhishek Maheswari
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