SRMJEEE 2022 Phase 1 mock test on January 7: Check guidelines and instructions

SRMJEEE 2022: SRM Institute of Science and Technology (SRMIST) will conduct Phase 1 of SRMJEEE 2022 on January 08 and 09, 2022. Like last year, the exam will also be administered this year as an online remote proctor test. SRMIST will release the SRMJEEE 2022 mock test on January 7, 2022 for a better understanding of the exam. Only candidates who will take the mock tests via SEB are allowed to take the actual test.

Candidates were able to book their slots for SRMJEEE on January 5 and 6, 2022. Students now appear for the test according to the allocated slot. The SRMJEEE 2022 Admission Card has already been issued and candidates can download from the official website –

SRMJEEE 2022 Guidelines and Instructions

Important things to remember before and while appearing for the exam:

  • The duration of the main exam is 150 minutes and all candidates are required to log in one hour before the test to complete some formalities and read test instructions.
  • To participate in SRMJEEE 2022, candidates need a laptop/desktop computer with a good internet connection and a webcam. Students should also ensure that their system has sufficient RAM and space so that it does not lag during the test.
  • All login details are communicated on registered mobile numbers.
  • The students are carefully observed throughout the duration of the exam, so there should be no disturbance of any kind. The use of books and notes to answer the questions is strictly prohibited. Any suspicious activity may result in immediate disqualification.

SRMJEEE 2022 Do’s

  • Fully charge your laptop/desktop device and ensure a continuous power supply.
  • Only sit against a plain, white background.
  • Please check your identity details and fill in the required information before the test starts.
  • There should be good lighting in the room and your face should be clearly visible.
  • Always keep a water bottle handy as you will not be allowed to leave your chair once the study begins.

SRMJEEE 2022 Don’t

  • Do not navigate or change tabs during the test.
  • The microphone is automatically turned on if the candidate is seen or heard with someone.
  • The use of electronic and Bluetooth devices is strictly prohibited.
  • Do not cover the camera or disconnect any devices during the exam.
  • The use of cell phones is strictly prohibited except for interacting with exam authorities for assistance.
  • Do not leave your chair or allow anyone to enter your room during the test.
  • Do not read aloud.
  • There must be no interference from radio/TV, etc. in the background.

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