Serious About A Career In STEM Or Medicine? Here’s Why You Should Aspire To Study In The UK

The British Council is organizing a Study UK Subject Fair on STEM-Medicine, to enable Indian students and their families to obtain comprehensive and credible information about the study opportunities available in the domain.
1. During the first session of the Subject Fair, students are given important information about a long list of STEM-Medicine scholarships that they can apply for.
2. This is followed by the meeting with representatives from over 15 universities and the British Council, for questions about universities, entry requirements, course content, applications and more.
3. Finally, interested attendees can also participate in an exclusive panel discussion on ‘Women in STEM Scholarships’.

The event will help students gain a well-rounded perspective and enable them to take a step towards a coveted qualification in STEM-Medicine from the UK.
You can register for free here: Link
Date: Friday 11 February 2022
Event Time: 2:30 PM to 5:30 PM
Panel discussion ‘Women in STEM Scholarship’: 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Indians make up one of the largest student communities in the UK.

More about studying in the UK
For Indian students, the UK remains one of the most popular and coveted destinations for foreign education. Did you know that Indians are one of the largest student communities in the UK?! In fact, in the 12 months ending September ’21, there was a 102% increase in the number of Indian students obtaining a UK study visa compared to the previous year.

The UK is in second place for science and research, with 54% of its output being defined as the world leader – higher than the US, Canada, Germany, Japan and Brazil. The UK is also India’s second largest research partner for science and innovation with a total investment of around £400 million made in the two countries between 2008 and 2021.

With high educational standards and facilities across the country, a UK science degree can open doors worldwide to the best possible start to a global career. The new Graduate Route allows Indian students with a valid university degree to work or seek employment at any skill level for two years, while students with a PhD can stay for up to three years. The UK also offers a wide range of scholarships and grants to international students, including some exclusively for Indian students. Some of these are funded by the government and related institutions, while others are provided by private companies, universities and the UK’s International Organization for Education Opportunities – the British Council.

Applications for the current cohort of the British Council Scholarships for Women in STEM and the GREAT Scholarships, for the 2022-23 session, are open.

Applications for the Current Cohort of British Council Scholarships for Women in STEM and the
GREAT Scholarships, for the 2022-23 session, are open.

In addition, British Council provides students with credible information and access to qualifications, research materials and end-to-end support for students studying in the UK. British Council organizes pre-departure briefings for students and puts them in touch with alumni and their fellow students, to help them adjust to life as international students in the UK. The British Council is also hosting a webinar series with experts from UK universities and colleges. More details on the scheduled webinars can be found by students on the British Council website.
For more information, students can visit the Study UK website.

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