Schools to reopen: Schools from nursery to 8th to open in Delhi from tomorrow, know the rules before sending kids

Delhi Schools Reopen News: All schools in Delhi will open from February 14 for kindergarten through grade 8. In Delhi government schools, the first two weeks once school opens will focus on the mental and emotional health of the children, rather than study the syllabus, and their learning delay will be traced. The director of education also had a meeting with the school principal on Saturday about the preparations for the opening of the school and the preparations for the board exams. On the other hand, private schools also ask written permission from the parents and work is done on the timetable along with the clean-up of the school.

From February 14, the schools will open from nursery to class 8. Written permission from the parents is required to send the child to school. Schools will need to determine the number of students under their infrastructure so that the Kovid-19 protocol can be followed. On Saturday, the Director of Education instructed all school principals to work on the mental and emotional health of the children through various activities for the next two weeks after the school reopened, as the schools have remained closed for the past two years. most affected. For the first two weeks after school opens for shorter classes, the focus will be on mindfulness and happiness classes to help children recover from stress and anxiety and better return to studying.

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Opportunity for students to mingle with the school
The learning gap in children’s basic literacy and numeracy skills will be identified and bridged through ‘Mission Buniyaad’ activities. Due to the closure of the school due to Corona, children are given the opportunity to share the experiences they have been through, creating an appropriate environment, students are given the opportunity to mingle with the school. Teachers will work on an emotional connection with each child. Instead of starting a new topic, the previous worksheet will be revised in the first two weeks.

Exam preparation too fast
Preparations in Delhi government schools have intensified for the preparation of board exams. In this context, a meeting was held on Saturday, chaired by the Director of Education, with all school leaders about improving the course of lessons and preparing for board exams.

focus on practical work
At the meeting, Education Director Himanshu Gupta, Education Advisor Shailendra Sharma and Additional Director (School) Rita Sharma discussed the necessary preparations for the upcoming exams and the opening of schools for classes from Kindergarten to 8th from Monday for all principals. † In the meeting it was said that in addition to the lesson, practical work will also be done. With the shift to offline mode after a long period of online classes, it has become extremely important to focus more on hands-on lessons for children. The director of education said that teachers should give individual attention to each child so that attention can be paid to the area of ​​​​improvement of the children.

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Emphasis will be on loss in studies and student achievement
During the meeting it was decided that the school leaders would hold daily assessment meetings with all teachers so that the learning needs of the students could be understood and met. Headmasters will also be able to call additional auxiliaries from SMC funds, depending on the children’s learning needs. Each child is given sample papers prepared by CBSE and the Education Directorate. Remedial classes will be held to address the loss of study caused by school closures and to improve student performance.

You can download sample paper and learning materials from
Children can also download sample papers and learning materials by visiting the Academic and Exam sections on the Department of Education website Efforts will also be made to return the children who have not been to school due to shifts and other reasons. The education director will hold an evaluation meeting with the education officials and school leaders of each district starting Monday, so that the children can better prepare.

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