School news: ‘If online classes are started, children will no longer come to school’

The corona infection has started to spread again, raising fears of the fourth wave. The special thing about this time of contamination is that it keeps children in its grip at a rapid pace. Together with the children of many schools in the city, teachers have also received corona. In such a situation, parents’ concern for their children has increased. At the same time, the school managers say that parents should be careful not to be afraid. School boards fully follow all guidelines regarding corona, including masks, disinfection, social distancing and temperature control.

Follow the guidelines for prevention of Corona

To prevent contamination, whatever guidelines have been issued regarding corona, these are fully followed. Face masks are mandatory for everyone. Social distancing is provided and there is also a complete system of disinfection. They are only allowed to enter the school after disinfecting their hands. Children’s temperature is also monitored. The safety of children is of the utmost importance. So parents need not worry. Instead of instilling fear in children, parents should teach them to be careful. Anju Gaur, Director, JKG International School

Children become mentally weak by staying at home

Schools must now open at full capacity, because the closure of schools for two years has caused a lot of damage to the education of the children. Children have become mentally ill while staying inside, a negativity has developed in them. We must not allow such a situation to arise. If the schools offered the possibility to teach online in addition to offline lessons, the parents would not send their children to school. When we were teaching online classes one day, the turnout of kids had dropped to 20 percent. Subhash Jain, Chairman, Silver Line Prestige School

Parents must cooperate with the schools, then only education is provided

Parents should be careful not to be afraid of Corona. If the child shows symptoms such as fever, cold, do not send the child to school and also inform the school. Children who contract a corona infection recover by staying at home for three to four days. In such a situation, parents should not create fear in their children. Don’t worry about raising your child. Their study won’t hurt. Creating fear may take longer for the child to recover. Shikha Vats, Director, Gurukul The School

Closing the school is not the solution to the problem

Currently, the coronavirus has become normal. Feeling a fever, having a cold with infection, but there is no problem with breathing. In such a situation, instead of being afraid, parents should be careful themselves and motivate their children to do the same. In this way Corona can be prevented. Closing the school will do nothing. Schools were not closed even during the second wave of Kovid in America and other countries of the world. Study must continue according to Corona guidelines. – dr. Richa Sood, Director, Ramyal Kids

Covid cases on the rise in India, parents tense over sending their kids to school

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