REET: REET cancellation demand mounted, BJP said – Rasuka pretended to run bulldozers on site and also started

In Rajasthan, the state president of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Dr. Satish Poonia, who accused the Congressional government of not being clear about her intentions, saying she is not expected to make decisions in a transparent manner in the Teacher Eligibility Test (REET) In such a situation, the investigation should of the case to be carried out by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). dr. Poonia said this to the media on the occasion of participating in a sit-in demonstration program organized in the Collectorate to protest the police’s lathi charge against the workers of BJP Yuva Morcha during the demonstration in Bharatpur and Jaipur on Tuesday. He said the ret rigging case kept coming up and in this case 35 people have been arrested and fired, but more names are being caught in this, they too should be fired.

He said the property of only one suspect had been bulldozed to show, but that all people involved in this case should get Rasuka and bulldozers should be used on their property. He said the government’s intention in this matter is not clear. Referring to the Alwar Demented Girl Child case, he said this case needs to be investigated on its own and this government is not expected to make a decision in a transparent manner. In such a situation, the investigation of the REIT case must be done by the CBI.

He participated in the BJP’s sit-in demonstration program, raising slogans against the state government, demanding justice for the youth, waiving farmer loans and improving public order in the state.

Reet exam should be canceled and conducted by another agency instead of Rajasthan Board.
As part of the nationwide appeal in Ajmer, Rajasthan, a protest was staged by the BJP city to demand a CBI investigation into the 2021 Reet paper leak and to protest the police’s lathi charge against the BJP Yuva Morcha in Jaipur. Workers led by state spokesman and Ajmer MLA Anita Bhadel threw slogans against state congressional government and prime minister Ashok Gehlot at the India Motor Circle intersection in Ajmer, expressing their anger and demanding to cancel the REET exam and have it examined by the CBI. Former minister and MLA Vasudev Devnani raised slogans in the demonstration. Devnani demanded cancellation of the REET exam and had it conducted by another body instead of the examination board. City President Dr. Priyashil Hada, former president Arvind Yadav, former City Improvement Trust president Dharmesh Jain and a large number of BJP workers attended the demonstration.

Bhadel said that until justice is not done in the REIT case, the BJP’s agitation and protest will continue. He said that after the REET exam paper was out and the name of the Congress-backed organization Rajiv Gandhi Steady Circle popped up in it, a high-level CBI investigation has become necessary so that big fish can also come out. The Congressional government is under suspicion in this regard. Prime Minister Ashok Gehlot must resign.

Sneha Mishra
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