Rajasthan School Reopens: All Education Activities in Rajasthan Start from Wednesday

Rajasthan School Reopens: In the new guidelines issued on Sunday, the Rajasthan government has authorized educational activities to be conducted to grade five of all private and government schools in the urban areas of the state. This information is given in the order of the Ministry of the Interior.

The Interior Ministry issued an order on Sunday allowing all private and government schools in the state’s urban areas to conduct academic activities up to grade five, and students may study only with written permission from parents and guardians. will be allowed to enter the premises. It has been said that the facility of online study will continue and this order of the Ministry of Interior will be applied from February 16, 2022.

According to a government statement, all restrictions imposed by the previously issued guidelines, orders and revised orders to prevent corona contamination have been lifted and new guidelines have been issued. Under the new guidelines, the head of the institution concerned / the head of all departments / the head of the office / the operator of other institutions / the operator of commercial establishments, etc. will ensure that the declaration is mandatorily pasted in the same place of the institution how many people received both doses of vaccine and how many people did not receive the vaccine dose.

In case of violation, the administration will act in accordance with the rules. It is mandatory for all passengers coming to Rajasthan by international travel from abroad to undergo RTPCR test by Airport Kovid team. According to the instructions, until the RTPCR test report is negative, the affected passenger will be subject to institutional/home isolation for 7 days. At the same time, passengers coming to Rajasthan by domestic air/train will be required to provide the certificate of both vaccine doses and RT PCR negative test report within 72 hours of the start of the journey prior to arrival.

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