Preparing for board and competition exams at the same time? Here are a few tips

The second term of the class XII board exams is just a few weeks away, which starts from April 26, 2022 to June 15, 2022. Aspirants seeking admission into various colleges will not have enough time to prepare for competitive exams that will provide them with the following step towards their career, namely admission to the college/university of their choice.

As this is a delicate situation, with regard to the increasing competitiveness of the exams, it is time to align preparations with the schedule so that the scores reflect the amount of effort put into them.

While various entrance exams such as JEE Main, CUET, CLAT, IP-MAT, NEET etc. line up shortly after the board exams, students do not have enough time to prepare diligently after this. While the CLAT (Common Law Admission Test) is a gateway to 22 National Law School, scheduled for June 19, 2022, CUET is expected to be conducted in the first two weeks of July.

Preparation for both driving and competitive examinations must therefore be carefully planned. However, the challenge here is where and when to focus and how to go about it and come out victorious in both exams.

For example, The National Testing Agency (NTA) has confirmed that Delhi University (DU) and Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) will become part of the CUET 2022, a common admission test for all central universities. Although board grades are no longer a criterion, a good score always boosts your confidence and if you are pursuing DU, you will need to prepare for that as well, as CUET’s syllabus focuses not only on NCERT or domain subjects, but also General consciousness and predisposition.

The idea of ​​a common undergraduate level admission test is to shift the focus more towards developing students’ critical thinking skills rather than memorizing them. While this test will put an end to the ever-widening boundaries of different universities, but will provide a fair chance in the admission process under one overarching national-level exam.

Here are some tips to master the simultaneous preparation of board exams and other competitive entrance exams:

Schedule a Timetable at Your Comfort – To achieve what you are aiming for, it is vital to have the right preparation strategy and follow it strictly. Make the most of the preparation time for board exams and also allow at least 2 hours a day for the entrance exam you are preparing. Be wise and plan a well-structured strategy that responds to the requirements of both board and competitive exams.

Try at least one test test per week – To ensure that each topic receives equal attention, it is better to allocate your preparation time appropriately. Spend an equal amount of time reviewing each topic, then each week try the example/mockeries and papers from the past year. Preparation should be a mixed package of reviewing the syllabus and taking the sample papers. This way you can revise the syllabus while taking the sample/mock/past years papers at the same time.

Meet the Mode and Pattern – If a student is aiming for CUET 2022, he should try his mock exams in the online mode. This will allow for better timing and the aspirant will also get used to the mode and understand the pattern. By doing pilot tests, you will learn your current readiness as well as your shortcomings/weaknesses, which can be remedied.

Keep up to date with current affairs – Current affairs are very important for various competitive exams (such as UPSC Prelims) so students should also be kept informed of current affairs on a daily basis with newspapers being the primary source.

Do not panic! Always remember that you still have plenty of time to improve. The grades or grades you score on board exams play a vital role in determining your career chart. So stay focused on your goal and put your best foot forward to bridge the gap between your ambition and reality. Just do your best with a positive attitude and confidence and there would be no reason for you to stumble.

Sajal Jain
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