Pariksha Pe Charcha 2022: Parents should not force their unfulfilled dreams upon children, says PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday asked students to celebrate exams as festivals and not get stressed as they have passed exams successfully before too. Interacting with students at the fifth edition of Pariksha Pe Charcham, the Prime Minister said: “You are not giving exams for the first time. In a way you are exam proof. So don’t be stressed. Remember that you have passed exams before.”

He also urged parents and teachers not to force their unfulfilled dreams and aspirations on children. “Students should not feel that they are under pressure from teachers and parents to get good grades. Parents should not inject their dreams into children. They should be free to decide their future,” he told the students who attended the event at New Delhi’s Talkatora Stadium.

When students asked him how to stay away from distractions while attending online classes, Prime Minister Modi laughed and asked if they were really studying or watching series. “Students should introspect themselves while studying online, whether they’re actually studying or spending time watching reels on social media,” he said. He explained that the material taught in online and offline classes is the same, so “the medium is not the problem. Regardless of the medium, if our minds are engrossed in the subject, it will make no difference in understanding things”.

A few students also asked him how to avoid exam stress, especially at a time when competition is so fierce. “I want students to stay away from a panic environment during exams. No need to copy friends, just keep doing what you are doing with full confidence and I think you will all be able to take your exam in a festive mood,” PM said.

He also suggested that students take an interesting exercise this exam season by writing a letter for the exam they appear next time. “Write a letter and address it to the exam. Explain how prepared you are and share the hard work you’ve put in. You will be in a more confident state after that,” Prime Minister Modi said.

The prime minister also noted that the national education policy announced by his government was warmly welcomed by every part of the country, saying the consultation process for it was exhaustive.

Outdated ideas and policies from the 20th century cannot steer India’s development trajectory into the 21st century, he said, adding that change must come with time.

Pariksha Pe Charcha has been organized for the past four years by the Ministry of Education and Literacy of the Ministry of Education.

The first three editions of PPC were held in Delhi in an interactive City Hall format. The fourth edition took place online on April 7 last year.

Sajal Jain
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