Pariksha Pe Charcha 2022: How To Avoid Exam Stress, Remember How To Read, PM Modi Gave These 10 Mantras

Pariksha Pe Charcha 2022 Live Updates: In the 5th edition of the Pariksha Pe Charcha program on Friday, PM Modi gave mantras to the students to avoid exam stress. At the beginning of the conversation with the students, teachers and parents, Prime Minister Modi said that he was unable to meet you last year because of Corona, but this time it is good to meet him. On questions related to anxiety and low exam grades, Prime Minister Modi said exam is part of the easy life and your development journey. You have often taken exams. Make exam experiences your strength. Have faith in what you do. Research is only a small stage of life.

1. No online or offline studies, the problem is mind wandering

Playing online games and social media while taking online classes has become a habit. How to get rid of this problem? On this question from the students, Prime Minister Modi said that whether the medium of the class is online or offline, the problem is not in the mode but in the mind. Must be thoughtful. When you read with your mind, your attention is not distracted. Mediums keep changing in life. There is to go online and there is to go offline. However much knowledge I want to gain, I will bring to my cell phone, I will give the opportunity to flourish offline in what I have found there. Use online to strengthen and realize your base by going offline. Think of online as an opportunity.

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2. The energy comes from looking inside yourself
PM Modi said that as much fun as it is to enter an iPad or cell phone, there is a thousand times more joy to enter into yourself. Get moments throughout the day when you’re not online, not offline, but inline. The more you go within, the more you will feel your energy.

3. PM Modi spoke about the national education policy
Students also asked questions about the new education policy. Students asked that sometimes we are interested in something else and we study something else. How does the new education policy solve this problem? Prime Minister Modi said that in reality this is not the new education policy, but the national education policy (NEP means national education policy and not the new education policy). Many people call it the new education policy. Extensive discussions have taken place from the formulation of the NEP to its implementation. Millions of people have made it. Whatever the government is doing, the voice of protest is coming from somewhere, but it is a matter of luck for me that it has been welcomed in every part of society. The country’s teachers have made it for the future of the country. In the NEP, sport became a compulsory subject. One cannot open and prosper without playing. The game gives a chance to understand the competitor. If you don’t follow the century, you will be left behind. Today we must follow the 21st century and not the 20th century. NEP gives room to break new ground. In addition to education, the importance of skills has increased enormously. Teachers, educators and schools across the country are urged to try and get the nuances on the ground, the more it is implemented, the more benefits will be available. The NEP will deliver multidimensional and positive results.

4. Advice to Parents – Don’t impose your dreams on your children

PM Modi said it is often seen that parents impose their dreams and expectations on their children. I would like to say to all parents and teachers: recognize the strength of the children, it is your fault that you cannot understand their strength. That’s where the distance comes from. Don’t force your dreams on your parents.

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5- It is important to be self-motivated, end your frustration yourself
PM Modi told the students that self-motivation is also very important. No one is needed for motivation. Try to understand the real reason for the frustration. Handle the frustration yourself. Do not give up, correct your shortcomings and make them your strength. Recognize the positive power within in life. Knowing yourself is very important. Know the things that frustrate you, put them aside. Then you will easily know which things inspire you. You have to analyze your own subject.

6- How do you remember what you read?
How to remember things after reading, how to improve memory? On this question, Prime Minister Modi said it is felt by every student. Live the moment in your mind as you study. This moment will become your strength. Whatever you do, do it with care. It is by forgetting that we do not experience that moment well. Stabilize the mind.

7- A new experimenter and a risk taker goes a long way in life. One should welcome competition and competition in life. You will view competition as the greatest gift of our time.

8- It is very important to avoid deception of the mind. Keep testing yourself, you will get a new direction.

9:00 PM Modi said I will answer any questions from the students on the NaMo app.

10- A society that does not recognize the power of daughters can never progress. Daughter has become the strength of every family. Give girls opportunities. Today, girls are ahead of boys in every area and doing well. It is important to respect daughters.

Before the speech, Prime Minister Modi saw the Amrit festival of independence, the country’s war against Corona and an exhibition organized by children based on various plans of the Indian government. He greatly appreciated the students’ painting.

Before Prime Minister Modi’s speech, Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan said everyone takes exams in life. Research certainly worries everyone, but it’s important to have faith in this day and age. He appealed to the students to watch the short film ‘Chalo Jeete Hum’ about the life and struggle of Prime Minister Modi.

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