NTA mulling to conduct CUET twice a year from next academic session, says UGC chairman

The Central Universities Entrance Test (CUET) will neither make board exams irrelevant nor boost “coaching culture,” said University Grants Commission (UGC) chair Jagadesh Kumar on Tuesday, claiming students from governments will not be at a disadvantage. in the bachelor’s admission process.

The National Testing Agency (NTA), which is responsible for administering the exams, will consider conducting the CUET twice a year from the next session, he said.

In an interview with PTI, Kumar said that CUET will not be limited to central university admissions only, as several prominent private universities have indicated that they would like to participate in using the common entrance examination scores for undergraduate admissions. .

“For starters, CUET will be administered once this year, but NTA will consider administering the exam at least twice a year from the next session. The entrance examination will not only be limited to central universities, but also to private varsities. Several prominent private universities have indicated that they would like to come on board and admit students through CUET,” he said.

Kumar had announced last week that CUET scores, not Class XII scores, will be mandatory for admission to 45 central universities and the central universities can set their minimum eligibility criteria.

Asked if the exam will lead to a ‘coaching culture’ for undergraduate admission, Kumar said: ‘The exam simply doesn’t require coaching, so there’s no question of it giving a boost to a coaching culture. The exam will be based entirely on the class 12 syllabus. Many students are concerned that the exam will also have questions from the class 11 syllabus. The answer is a clear no”.

Sajal Jain
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