NEET-PG 2022: Here’s four-point preparation strategy to score high marks

The National Examination Board of Medical Sciences (NBEMS) is currently conducting the NEET PG 2022 registration process. Interested and eligible candidates are expected to complete and submit the online forms by March 25. The NEET PG application form is available on the official website† According to the official schedule, the national level entrance examination for MD/MS and PG diploma courses will be conducted on May 21, 2022. This gives candidates almost 2 months to prepare.

In addition, from May 16, NEET PG 2022 Admission Card will be issued to successfully registered candidates. In addition to concerns about the hall ticket, candidates do not have to wait too long and prepare for the exam.

To help candidates prepare to clear NEET PG 2022, here is a 4 point strategy.

1. Thoroughly know the syllabus

Candidates should understand that they have only 60 days to pass the exam. However, those who are starting from scratch don’t have to worry about time constraints. They still have a chance to pass the exam.

However, to do this, they must understand the entire NEET PG 2022 syllabus. Below is a broad overview of the section for the upcoming PG entrance exam –







Forensic Medicine

Social and Preventive Medicine

General medicine, including dermatology, venereology and psychiatry

General surgery including orthopedics, anesthesia and radiodiagnostics

Obstetrics and Gynecology




For the complete syllabus, please refer to the subject/area of ​​knowledge as prescribed by the Graduate Medical Education Regulations issued by the former Medical Council of India with the prior approval of the Govt of India.

2. Revise the entire syllabus twice

The best way to understand the syllabus is to study it thoroughly once. After that, candidates have to revise the whole section twice to understand the concept clearly and thoroughly. This should be accomplished in the first month itself, so candidates can spend the remaining month practicing questions.

3. Transition to a mock-only test phase

Once the theoretical aspect of the preparation is completed, candidates are required to register for NEET PG 2022 online test series and mock exams. These series are easily available online and are offered by reputable coaching institutes.

4. Dedicate the last three weeks to PYQs

The last 3 weeks before the exam should be spent on last year’s NEET PG 2022 questions. While questions may not be repeated, it will help candidates review the entire syllabus quickly. Moreover, by solving papers in a time-bound manner, candidates can absorb important exam values ​​such as time management and presence of mind.

When solving any test paper for the PG medical entrance exam, it is important to analyze the weaker or unclear areas. As a result, candidates will perform better and achieve the desired NEET PG 2022 result!

Sajal Jain
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