NEET 2022: Tips and tricks to pass the exam

NEET 2022 exams are now only 3 months away, so we have to pull our socks off with the best strategy to ensure the win in NEET. While the NEET 2022 application process has started with the declaration of the NEET exam date on July 17, here are some tips and tricks to overcome NEET 2022.

Students should prepare with confidence, qualitative study rather than quantitative

Students know their own strengths and weaknesses, so they should study with their own remote control instead of following the instructions of others. Students should spend time on qualitative studies rather than quantitative studies. First-time reading students should not miss a single lesson or test, while students who have learned it before should focus on their revision.

Breaks during study

Students should take a break for qualitative research. Relax your mind and stray from your studies for some time if you are exhausted from your studies.

When to study

Study when it suits you, but the morning hours are the best time to study. Going to bed early and getting up early is the success mantra. Students must set a biological clock according to the study schedule. If your mind needs a break, leave your studies and enjoy a refreshing activity or get a good night’s sleep.

Students should study in an exam center like the environment

Students are required to recreate and study exam centers such as environments in the home during the length of time in which exams are administered. Study in isolation or in a study for the least inconvenience. Study in a straight spine in the classroom and at home for freshness and health.

Focus on Revision, Points to Think and NCERT

There are 3 types of revisions. First, there is the actual revision where the research has to be done in reverse with an emphasis on difficult topics, class notes and examples given by the teachers. Concrete revision—Students should study the previous year’s exam papers of the past 5 years. If you can solve the questions of the past 5 years, you will build confidence. Second, there is the solid revision in which students have to focus on NCERT for the preparation of all 3 subjects, namely Biology, Physics and Chemistry. Students should take a look at the points to consider, the summary, new subject information and solved questions of each question.

Stupid mistakes are the real mirrors

Learn from your stupid mistakes which are the mirror of preparation. Practice mock tests for the perfect practice of the studies. Build efficiency by answering questions correctly for success in NEET. Analyze each question and study all options carefully.

Students should hydrate with liquids

As summers peak at exam times, students should take precautions regarding their food. Maintain the amount of water in the body by consuming fluids and having a light meal for a good night’s sleep and health.

Healthy sleep for good preparation

Students should take at least 7 to 8 hours of sound sleep for freshness in their studies. The study should be done in installments while the sleep should be taken in a continuous trajectory.

Sajal Jain
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