Maharashtra state board schools for classes 1-9 and 11 to function full day till April 30

Maharashtra’s education department has stated that schools for classes 1 through 9 and 11 of the state administration will operate “all day” until April 30 to make up for the academic loss suffered by students as a result of COVID-19, a decision that will affect the summer vacation schedule of students.

In general, the annual exams of classes 1 to 9 are over by April 15th and the holiday starts after that. The government resolution (GR) issued by IM Kazi, co-secretary of the government of Maharashtra, has ordered schools to operate all day on Saturday instead of half a day and voluntary on Sunday.

It also stated that the exams for classes 1 to 9 and 11 should be taken in the third week of April and that the results should be announced in May. Harishchandra Gaikwad, president of the Pune District Principals’ Association, said the government should have issued this GR by the end of February.

Schools have already completed preparations for exams and released a timetable, he said, adding that many parents have planned their summer vacations accordingly.

“In this GR, the education department has asked the schools to announce the results in May, but no date has been given. If there had been a deadline, it would have been easy for schools to plan,” said Gaikwad.

In the normal course, the exams for schools under Maharashtra State Council are over on April 15th and then the holidays begin. “Now with this new GR, students will have to come to school until the end of April,” he added.

Gaikwad called the GR “ambiguous” and said that instead of issuing a GR, the state education ministry should have advanced school opening dates until June 7 or 8 instead of June 15 for the new academic session.

Sajal Jain
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