Lucknow University: No studies even after two years of PhD admission in LU

Lucknow University: Classes of students getting admission into PhD course from Lucknow University Computer Science Department have not started even after two years. Students who are admitted to PhD in the 2019-20 and 2020-21 sessions are forced to visit the Department and University Administration for the schedule of the course work even after depositing the fees. The students also complained about this issue to the Raj Bhavan.

The Dean of Science had accused the admissions coordinator of tampering with the grades. The dean claimed that the merit of the Computer Science department had been tampered with. The grades given in the interview are completely changed from Admission Coordinator level. Case VC Prof. Alok Kumar Rai was also reached. After which the VC formed a committee of inquiry. The commission’s investigation has yet to be completed.

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Applications were made for six PhD seats in the Department of Computer Science in 2019-20. Commissioned by the university board, the 5-member committee interviewed the candidates who had applied and sent the grades to the admissions committee. Last June, HOD sent a letter to the board of the LU. In which questions were asked about the admission coordinator and his team who take care of the admission process that the grades sent by the interview committee have been changed.

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There are more than two thousand B.Sc Agriculture students whose exam schedule has not been released. Students of B.Sc Agriculture are forced to make rounds around universities and colleges. There are 17 agricultural colleges affiliated with the LU where B.Sc Agriculture is studied but there are no exams. The regulation of the Agricultural College has not yet been adopted. The proposal for the regulation was approved at last week’s meeting of the Executive Council. Since then, the path of the exams has been opened. Examiner Vidyanand Tripathi says the exams will be held soon.

dr. Durgesh Srivastava (spokesperson, LU) said: ‘A committee has been formed to investigate the matter. It is not yet known what the outcome of the investigation of the committee was. A decision on this will be made shortly.

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