KVS Admission: Under the new education policy, the age limit for admission is 6 years – Kendriya Vidyalaya

The Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan has confirmed in the High Court its decision to raise the minimum age for admission to Class I in Kendriya Vidyalayas from five to six years. The KVS said while submitting an affidavit to the court that the decision to raise the minimum age for admission to class I to 6 years was taken in accordance with the provisions of the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 and the Right to Education Act ( RTE).

In the affidavit submitted to Justice Rekha Palli, KVS states: ‘Under the Right to Education Act, a provision has been made to provide compulsory and free education for children aged 6 to 14. It has also been said that the national government has notified the NEP 2020 after a thorough deliberation on this subject, in which a new scheme for education and curricular restructuring has been proposed. In addition, it is quoted from the letter that the central government wrote to all states in March 2021, asking them to draw up a roadmap for the implementation of NEP in the next two to three years. The letter from the government to the KVS is also cited. The KVS has issued this statement to the court in response to a petition against raising the minimum age for admission in class I from five to six years. KVS claims that the petition filed against the order to increase the age limit on behalf of the girl should be rejected.

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Lawyers Ashok Aggarwal and Kumar Utkarsh, appearing before Arin, a girl waiting for Class I admission in Kendriya Vidyalaya, have challenged the KVS to raise the minimum age for Class I admission from five years to six years. He has claimed the withdrawal of this sudden decision by KVS in the petition as arbitrary, illogical and unfair. The petition states that the petitioner is 5 years 9 months 28 days old and that she is currently studying at UKG and awaiting admission to this year’s first class.

Lawyer Ashok Aggarwal, who appeared on behalf of the applicant, argues that KVS cannot raise the admission age solely on the basis of the letter from the government. He has said that KVS cannot raise the age until the age of admission is legally established by the central or state government. Aggarwal said KVS says in its affidavit that the age of admission under the RTE law is six years, while so far children 5 years or older are admitted under this law. The next hearing in the case is on April 5.

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