KIITEE 2022 to be held from Feb 4-6: Check exam day guidelines

The KIIT University will hold KIITEE 2022 on February 4, 5 and 6, 2022. The exam will be conducted as an online remote exam and candidates can take it from anywhere. The final booking for the exam has already been made and now the candidates just need to show up for the exam on the selected date and time.

In order to familiarize candidates with the exam, the university held the KIITEE 2022 mock test on February 2 and 3, 2022. The mock-up was also held online, in two sessions. The exam date and time for the mock were notified via email. However, the exam date and time for the actual exam is stated on the admission card. Candidates who intend to appear for the exam should check these Important KIITEE 2022 Exam Guidelines.

  • Keep a paper copy of the KIITEE 2022 Admission Card during the exam
  • Candidates can take the test from a computer, laptop or mobile phone.
  • The computer or laptop must have: Pentium IV / Dual Core, 1 GB RAM or higher, 80 GB HDD or higher, 15-inch color monitor, Microsoft Windows 7 and higher, Chrome browser, antivirus, webcam.
  • Candidates using mobile must have 4g mobile set.
  • The test is best viewed in chrome.
  • In order to pass the test, an internet connection of at least 512 kbps is required.
  • The room in which candidates take the test should be quiet. It should also be well lit.
  • Candidates should sit in such a way that there should be a wall behind them.
  • Always keep the webcam open.
  • No one is allowed to enter or leave the room during the test.
  • There is no set dress code for the exam, but KIIT University has asked students to dress formally.
  • During the exam, candidates are not allowed to wear Bluetooth or say questions/options or leave the room or play music/radio/TV.

These were the guidelines candidates had to follow during the exam. Candidates who aspire to get a good score in KIITEE 2022 should check the exam pattern in advance. It is also important to note that candidates cannot switch back and forth between questions during the exam. Despite this, candidates should invest too much time in the questions, as the exam automatically stops after 180 minutes.

last minute tips

  • Try to solve as many mock exams and questions from last year as you can.
  • Please check the KIITEE 2022 sample papers before the exam.
  • This is not the time to start a new topic. Instead, focus on what has already been done.
  • Don’t worry too much and sleep well the night before the exam.

Sajal Jain
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