JPSC 6th Exam Result: Jharkhand High Court Canceled The Final Result Of 6th JPSC Exam

JPSC 6th Exam Result: The selected 326 officers of 6th JPSC Civil Services have had a major setback. The Jharkhand High Court, while canceling the final result of the 6th JPSC, has ordered the JPSC to issue a new merit list. A divisional bench of Chief Justice Dr. Ravi Ranjan and Judge Sujit Narayan Prasad issued the order during the verdict on Wednesday. The court upheld the single bank’s injunction in this case and refused to intervene in any way.

The court said that the order of the single bank is fully valid, therefore, all petitions challenging the order of the single bank are dismissed. The court ordered the JPSC to issue a new list of merits according to the order of the single bank. After this order from the Bench, about 100 successful candidates selected for the Sixth Official List can be removed from the list. While some unsuccessful candidates will appear. Let us inform that the shortlisted candidates of the 6th JPSC have been posted in different districts.

What was the single bank order?
In this case, the court of single bench judge SK Dwivedi said in his June 7 order that the JPSC had not issued the merit list according to the rules. Qualification figures were also added when the list was made, while the rules did not provide for it. Therefore, the merit list cannot be considered valid. For this reason, the court annuls it. The court had instructed the committee to send the new merit list to the government within eight weeks without adding the qualification figures and to allocate the frame according to the new list within four weeks from the date of receipt of the merit list to the government.

What is going on?
The petition was filed in the single bank against the final result of JPSC. The petition stated that the qualification grades would be put in Paper-I (Hindi and English), but the JPSC removed the results of the main exam by adding the grades from Paper-I to the total, which is not correct under the rules.

Successful candidates misrepresented the order of the single bank

Successful candidates challenged the order of the single bench in the division bench. They said it is correct to add the numbers of Paper-I (Hindi and English) to the total score. Both are qualifying papers as only those who achieve the minimum scores are considered pass even if they fail other papers. JPSC has not imposed the requirement to achieve minimum grades in any paper other than Paper-I.

Some rights may fall
Some officials of the JPSC may be acted upon by order of the Divisional Bench of the Supreme Court. The single bank has also questioned the role of JPSC officers in its order, saying it is necessary to take action against JPSC, bearing in mind that the commission’s credibility among the people must be maintained, keeping the dignity intact. must stay. The officials of the JPSC whose role was in making the merit list must be identified and action taken.

Government agrees to single bank order: Solicitor General
Attorney General Rajiv Ranjan has said the government had decided to follow the order of the single bank. No appeal was therefore allowed against the decision of the Single Bench. Meanwhile, some successful candidates have filed appeals. The division bank has maintained the order of the single bank. Now the JPSC will have to release the new merit list. In the new list, some already successful people can be excluded and some new people can be added to the list. According to the order, JPSC must make the decision.

when what happened?
Final result released on April 23, 2020
Petition in single bank against merit list and other disturbances on May 4, 2020
Guideline to bring all petitions together by January 18, 2021
Handling of cases held every day in a single bank from February 3 to 17, 2021
The single bank reserved the ruling on February 17, 2021.
On June 7, 2021, the single bank canceled the merit list and ordered a new list to be issued.
On July 21, 2021, the single bench order was challenged in the division bench.
On August 10, 2021, the bank issued an order to maintain the status quo.
On October 20, the bench concluded the hearing and reserved the decision.
On February 23, the division bank maintained the order of the single bank and canceled the final result.

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