J&K schools, colleges return to online classes amid surge in Covid-19 cases

Amid a spate of COVID-19 cases, the government of Jammu and Kashmir issued new guidelines on Sunday, including the introduction of online classes down to university level and optimal use of virtual mode for holding official meetings.

The decision to do so was taken by the State Executive Committee (SEC), which met here chaired by Chief Secretary AK Mehta, while preserving the Covid containment restrictions already enacted, including a curfew on Union territory.

In the order issued Sunday evening following a detailed assessment of the COVID-19 situation, Mehta, who is also the chairman of SEC, said it noted the need for additional measures beyond continuing existing coronavirus containment measures in all districts. given the uneven trend seen in daily Covid cases and the rising positivity rate.

As for the educational institutions, the order instructed all colleges, schools, colleges and coaching centers for government services, engineering and NEET to use the online educational medium.

“There will be no personal education. Educational institutions should only direct the presence of vaccinated personnel for administrative purposes,” the order said, adding that the head of the institution must ensure that guidelines regarding social distancing and Covid Appropriate Behavior (CAB) are strictly followed.

The order asked all government departments to minimize face-to-face meetings or interactions. “All administrative secretaries/head of department(s)/institution(s) will ensure optimal use of virtual mode for holding official meetings,” said Mehta.

Sajal Jain
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