JEE Main 2022: Last 30 Days Exam Preparation Strategy by Expert

Every JEE Mains aspirant is concerned about what to study, what to review and what routine to follow in the last 30 days before JEE Main 2022.

Here are some strategy tips for JEE Mains 2022 preparation.

Practice already read; No need to learn new things

Every aspirant is thinking about appearing in front of JEE Main and cracking it to get a Hall ticket for JEE Advanced 2022. Leading up to the JEE Main 2022, students are advised not to start any new chapters and to focus only on reviewing what the aspirant has read so far.

Focus on NCERT for JEE Main success

Since NTA leads JEE Main and NTA is affiliated with the CBSE, whose course is based on NCERT, aspirants should consider NCERT as textbooks. The aspirant should focus on NCERT especially for chemistry. If the aspirant is weak in a chapter, he should practice the questions from the previous years or read such a chapter from NCERT. Practice the past year’s questions to build confidence, which is crucial in cracking JEE Mains.

How to study physics

For physics, aspirants should only look for ‘points to think about, summaries, blue box information, and solved examples. At the same time, there is no specific strategy for mathematics.

Practice mock tests in JEE Main-like environments

Since JEE Main takes place in 2 shifts; from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm and 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm, aspirants are required to do mock tests at home in these 2 session timings for better practice of JEE Main sitting. Since laziness looms large in the afternoon, more practice from 3 to 6 p.m. mock tests should be done for practice. Create an exam center-like atmosphere at home. Get rid of your terrestrial calls before showing up at home for 3 hours for mock exams to practice for exam sitting.

Revise old mistakes first

Aspirants should prioritize past mistakes before attempting the mock test. New mistakes are also a treasure for the actual JEE Main paper as it puts the focus on such questions. Also, do a detailed analysis of the tried fake test paper.

Prioritize questions in the JEE Main

Each questionnaire of each topic is divided into Sections A and Section B. In Section A, there are 20 questions based on one answer with no choices; there are numerical value based questions in part B of the questionnaire. There will be 10 questions, of which the aspirant only needs to answer 5 questions of their choice.

The aspirant should try his best to ask 5 questions that he thinks he is the boss as the first 5 questions are eligible for score.

Try a test test at home to take away exam anxiety

To overcome the exam anxiety, aspirants should try daily mock tests in their home. Practicing the questions leads to perfection and eliminates the exam anxiety.

Routine for best results in JEE Main

Aspirants should have a heavy breakfast, a normal lunch and a light dinner. Since the summer season has arrived, aspirants should take more liquids including water, juices, etc. Every aspirant should take fake tests and go to bed satisfied and wake up determined to prepare for JEE Main.

Don’t expect a rescheduling of the JEE Mains Session 2 schedule time

Aspirants should not expect any rescheduling of the JEE Mains Session 2, such as a rescheduling of the JEE Mains Session 1 schedule time. JEE Main Session Time has now moved from the previous dates of April 16-April 21 to the new schedule of April 21, April 24, April 25, April 29, May 1, and May 4. However, there are very rare opportunities to change the scheduled time of Session 2 as the dates of JEE Advanced are scheduled and confirmed for July 3rd.

(Author Brajesh Maheshwari is director of Allen Career Institute & Motivator. Opinions expressed here are personal.)

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