IGNOU 35th Convocation: Leaving age, someone got 70 and someone got a degree in 83 years

It is often said that education is the only wealth that cannot be stolen by anyone, so you should keep making as much money as possible in the form of education. Age and financial condition can never become a hindrance in the midst of this wealth. A person can earn this money whenever he wants, at any age he wants. Millions of people make these words come true every day and among them are 83-year-old Sanyasi Ramphal Rana and 70-year-old Ranjit Dixit. Yes, you read it completely right. Let’s know the journey of Ramphal Rana and Ranjit Dixit.

MA done at the age of 83 years and 70 years
At age 83, Ramphal obtained an MA in Philosophy from IGNOU and at age 70 Ranjeet obtained an MA in Sociology. Ramphal, who has a degree in philosophy, is a native of Bahadurgarh. Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) on Tuesday, April 26, 2022, on the 35th convocation, awarded diplomas to many seniors who have not stopped studying even after the age of 60 and fulfilled their dreams. However, for health reasons, he was not present at the convocation.

The desire to get to know society inspired me to study!
Ramphal Rana retired in 2000 and retired after nine years. He currently lives in an ashram in Bahadurgarh. Ramphal was the oldest diploma recipient on IGNOU’s convocation. He says that even after retirement, his desire to learn about Indian religion, philosophy, desire to know himself and spirituality forced him to study until this age.

Ranjit Dixit also wanted to make better use of his time after retirement to get to know and understand society, so he completed his MA from the third subject. Like Ranjit, Ramphal also wanted to know all the philosophers including Buddha, Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, so even at this age he decided to do MA. Not only this, Sant Ramphal achieved All India Rank 4 in UPSC Stenographer Exam and also passed LLB with First Division.

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