If the result is made according to CBSE format, then the students of Netarhat…

If the results of Netarhat Residential Boys’ School Latehar are drawn up according to the CBSE format, there may be a decline in the results of the exam compared to other years. For the first time this year, the students of Netarhat school would appear through CBSE for class 10th and 12th exams. The national government has also canceled the 12th exam after the 10th. In such a situation, the schools have been asked to prepare the results based on CBSE results of the past three years and take the results of 2019 as a basis. In addition, the ranking was requested from the six-monthly survey to plus two minus two. As a result, schools, including Netarhat, which received CBSE recognition a year ago, are facing problems.

Netarhat’s residential school has presented its issue on this to the chairman of CBSE. Netarhat Vidyalaya has suggested that they be allowed to prepare the result based on the Jharkhand Academic Council (JAC) board results of the past three years as the 10th-12th exams were conducted by the JAC council until 2020. For Netarhat, students come for selection and their average grade is 80-90 percent. In such a situation, if the result is prepared according to the format of CBSE, many students of Netarhat school will fail. The 10th and 12th students of Netarhat Residential School had passed the 9th and 11th exams of JACK Board.

More than a dozen students lived in top 10
The students of Netarhat Residential Boys School have excelled in JACK Board entrance exam. From top to top 10, more than a dozen students are involved. In such a situation, if the result is determined on the basis of the average marking of CBSE results, 20-30 children may also fail. The rest of the students may get far fewer points than they expected.

11th practical should become the basis
The cancellation of CBSE 12th exam has been announced. Now the format of the result preparation has yet to be announced. Practice is required in many 12th grade subjects. There were also practicals, but due to the corona contamination, that had to be postponed. If there is no lab again, the 11th lab can be regarded as the basis.

Netarhat Residential Boys School Principal Dr. SK Singh, who prepares the result according to the format issued by CBSE, the students of Netarhat will suffer. The CBSE has been called upon to draw up the ranking on the basis of JACK’s old results. After obtaining the consent, the result is prepared on the same basis.

Priyanshi Mayuri
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