How Nitish Finally Suspended a Corrupt Engineer After Announcement of BJP MLA and Chairman of the Meeting


Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar claims zero tolerance for corruption and crime, but in the last session of the assembly, his allies BJP MLAs themselves made these claims public many times, causing the government to suffer a lot as well. On Wednesday, in the Bihar meeting, BJP MLA Sanjay Saraogi brought to light the case of an engineer accused of corruption, Anil Kumar of the Rural Works Department, whose suspension was not taken after three months, despite the recovery of 67 lakh. cash. At the request of the MLAs who were dissatisfied with the response from the ministry’s minister, the Nitish Kumar government took the suspension order on Friday when Speaker Vijay Kumar Sinha accepted the House committee’s demand for an investigation. .

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How Nitish Finally Suspended a Corrupt Engineer After Announcement of BJP MLA and Chairman of the Meeting

Nitish Kumar delayed the action for three months and took the matter to his critics.

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In fact, this case dated 28 August, when in the check of Anil Kumar’s vehicle in Muzaffarpur, placed in the Department of Rural Works in Darbhanga, 18 lakh cash was recovered and the other car driving with him escaped. But 49 lakh more cash was found in the raid on his home in Darbhanga. But Anil Kumar threatened the raiding party by saying the government would be shocked if they opened their mouths. According to Sanjay Saraogi, BJP MLA from Darbhanga, he continued to work in his office while Minister Jayant Raj said in the meeting that he had gone on medical leave. But on Wednesday there was a lot of fuss about this topic.

Assembly Speaker Vijay Kumar Sinha had announced an investigation by a House committee, but Prime Minister Nitish Kumar was very angry about this. In this case, the suspension order was finally lifted Friday as soon as there was a signal of the government’s embarrassment and the media reported prominently in the media.

This episode made it clear again that when the case is brought against a corrupt official, even if his government’s hat is raised to the opposition, BJP does not shy away from MLA’s criticism. On the other hand, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar postponed the action for three months and handed the matter over to his critics as the full credit for this action is now given to the BJP MLA and the chairman of the Bihar assembly.

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