Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2022 (GES) – An Annual Flagship Initiative By Entrepreneurship Cell, IIT Kharagpur

GES is the annual flagship initiative of E-Cell IIT Kharagpur and is one of the largest peer business summits in India.

A confluence of aspiring entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, angel investors, new age entrepreneurs, industry experts, academics and students, GES is E-Cell, the unique platform of IIT Kharagpur where industrial doyens share their insights based on their experiences and entrepreneurial journey. By showing their contribution, startup enthusiasts pledge to take the Indian startup ecosystem to greater heights.

In the 15th edition of GES, E-Cell aims to provide participants with an experience to discover, formulate and evaluate their idea to help build a self-sustaining and resilient startup ecosystem. The aim is to instill a risk-taking mindset in the new generation of innovative thinkers. As of March 10, GES 2022 will be a 4-day online conglomerate of Keynote Sessions, Fireside Chats, Workshops, Competitions, Networking Sessions and Intern-Carnival. GES also consists of hackathons and quizzes that provide participants with a great opportunity to improve critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

E-Cell, IIT Kharagpur invites entrepreneurial enthusiasts from all walks of life to join GES 2022 and provides them with a platform to interact with startup leaders, win exciting awards and build an entrepreneurial India.

Previous editions of the summit have witnessed large-scale participation across the country. The attendees were graced by the presence of prominent personalities such as Mr. Sundar Pichai (CEO, Google and Alphabet), Mr. Sam Pitroda (Pioneer of the Indian Telecom Revolution), Mr. Ritesh Aggarwal (Founder, OYO), Mr. Rahul Jaimini ( Co-founder, Swiggy), Mr. Amod Malviya (Co-Founder, Udaan), Mr. Steve Blank (Stanford University adjunct professor, entrepreneur and author), Mr. Marty Cagan (Founder and Partner at Silicon Valley Product Group), Smt. Smriti Irani (Dear Minister of the Cabinet of the Union, Government of India), Shri. Suresh Prabhu (6 times MP, former Union Minister) and many more.

As explained by Nayan Saluja and Harsh Agarwal, heads of events at E-Cell, IIT Kharagpur: “The year 2021 saw the Indian startup ecosystem set a new normal. Despite the pandemic, more than 4 dozen unicorns emerged. After the grim and unprecedented situation, every country, especially in a country like ours that belongs to an emerging economy, realized that survival can only be achieved through inclusion. Inclusion is about creating an environment for the diverse talent pool to express their full potential and work and feel part of the company (sense of belonging), its processes, systems and growth, as well as to work on providing living conditions with affordability considerations. The theme of the Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2022 is “Innovation for Inclusion”. This edition aims to tap into all those segments, including niche segments, and encourage participants to solve problems based on creative thinking and innovations so that the spread of benefits targets all sections. Innovations can help deliver products and services, be affordable and accessible, and that can be called truly inclusive innovation that serves a greater proportion of people in society.”

A clarion call by E-Cell, IIT Kharagpur for participating in GES ’22, a platform for young minds to connect with each other, empower them to create innovative ideas and enable them to raise awareness among their peers building on the ever-expanding startup evangelism.

Prospective participants are invited and encouraged to hurry up and register!

The registration website for GES ’22 is

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