Forced to live in bunkers, students from India waiting to be expelled from Ukraine

When Gyanesh Gadve from Pune went to Ukraine last year to pursue MBBS, he never thought he would have to prepare for life in a bunker. Gadhave (19) is one of 1,000 Indian students detained in Zaporizhzhya, in southeastern Ukraine, during a Russian attack. He said that today all the students have been taken to the bunker. “Today we were all taken to the bunker for exercise. Now we are back at the hostel,” said Gadwe. He also said he heard about an explosion at a nearby military base. When asked if he has received instructions on how to leave the country, Gadhave said he was told he will be taken by bus to Romania and from there by plane to India.

“There is no cash in the ATMs in the city. People buy essential items in huge quantities, so there is a shortage of goods, even in the shops,” he said. The daughter of Maruti Dabhade, the daughter of Pune, follows MBBS in the city of Odessa in Ukraine. Dabhade said his daughter and other students were taken to the bunker for security reasons.

‘I spoke to her. She said she was in the bunker. She has been promised that she will be taken to a safe place soon,” he said. Dabhade said that his daughter had made rotis and potato curry before going to the bunker and that she is currently living off it. Siddhi, daughter of another resident of Pune, Hanumant Khaire, is a fourth-year MBBS student in Odessa. Khaire said his daughter and others are now safe.

According to the Pune district administration, they have made a list of 70 students from the district who are detained in Ukraine. An official from the District Disaster Management Cell said we have submitted the list to the government of Maharashtra.

The government of Pune on Thursday set up a control room for those stranded in Ukraine. At least 24 students from neighboring Ahmednagar district are also trapped in Ukraine, a private consultancy said.

Priyanshi Mayuri
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