Drinking liquor is ‘impossible’ in dry Bihar, says CM Nitish Kumar

PATNA: Bihar CM Nitish Kumar said on Monday that allowing the drinking of liquor is “impossible” in the dry state.
Responding to the recent suggestion by former CM and HAM(S) chief Jitan Ram Manjhi for people to drink alcohol, but only after 10 a.m. to avoid police action, CM Nitish Kumar said on Monday: “It is impossible in the state.When ‘ekka-dukka’ people say such things, I want to explain to everyone that the ban on liquor was only enforced in the state after all MLAs/MLCs were unanimously sworn in the Vidhan Sabha and the Vidhan Parishad in support of the The favor of total ban was passed unanimously by both houses of the state legislature.”
Nitish rejected the demand for certain relaxations to the total ban, also saying: “Recently on November 26, when we held a program to mark De-Addiction Day, all government officials and all employees in the state took an oath in support of the total ban.” In addition, when we recently held a meeting of the NDA lawmakers party, all of the NDA lawmakers raised their hands in support of the total ban.”
Nitish responded to media inquiries after his weekly program “Janta Ke Darbar Mein Mukhyamantri” at the CM Secretariat here.
Nitish further said: “During the NDA meeting, I asked lawmakers to make another pledge in support of the ban, and all lawmakers who attended the meeting raised their hands in support of the ban. And now If some of the lawmakers among them speak against the ban, it’s a very ‘strange’ thing.”
Nitish also pointed out that a photo related to the hand raising of NDA lawmakers in support of the ban was also published in the newspapers. “People can see that photo,” the CM said.
While the CM did not take the name of any particular NDA lawmaker, he hinted at Manjhi who attended the said NDA meeting and also raised his hand in support of the total ban.
A few days ago, while speaking to the media, Manjhi suggested the poor people drink liquor, but only after 10 a.m. to avoid police crackdown and arrest. “It is an open secret that big and rich people like contractors, doctors, engineers, IAS and IPS drink alcohol after 10 am and go to sleep. The world knows nothing about them. ….. I have given suggestions to the poor people to learn from the grown-ups and drink only after 10 a.m. Poor people get caught drinking at any time and start roaming the roads after drinking,” Manjhi had said.
When the CM’s attention was drawn to recovering large quantities of Indian-made foreign liquor from the Darbhanga Medical College and Hospital (DMCH) campus in Darbhanga just a day after holding a review meeting at the same campus, Nitish said : “Always, there are some people who continue to indulge in making mistakes.”
Earlier, the CM heard the grievances of a total of 135 people who had arrived from different districts to the “Janta Darbar” program, and gave the necessary instructions to the concerned departments to solve their problems.

Rahul Singh
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