Delhi Schools Reopening: Delhi Schools Can Open From This Date? Soon a decision, these can be guidelines

Delhi Schools reopening: Many important issues will be discussed in DDMA’s Kovid-19 review meeting on Friday, February 04, 2022 in Delhi. This can talk about opening schools in the state to easing other restrictions. There is a lot of speculation that a decision on the reopening of schools could be made in the Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) meeting from next week. Because that was not discussed in the last meeting of 27 January. The Parents Association has also requested the Delhi government to reopen the schools and has sent letters and petitions to Deputy Prime Minister Manish Sisodia and Lieutenant Governor (LG) Anil Baijal. The Delhi government had recommended the reopening of schools at the latest DDMA meeting.

The Delhi government is in favor of reopening the schools. Delhi’s deputy chief minister and education minister, Manish Sisodia, also emphasizes opening schools for the betterment of students. He said the reopening of schools is necessary to prevent further damage to the socio-emotional health of the students. He had further said that during Covid our priority was the safety of the children. But now several studies have shown that it is not that harmful to the children, so it is necessary to reopen the schools because now it is time for exams and related preparations.

At the same time, the Parents’ Association is also asking for schools to reopen. Manish Sisodia himself had made this known via his Twitter handle. He said in a tweet that a delegation of more than 1,600 parents has issued a signed memorandum to reopen the school.

Delhi schools can open from this date
In the DDM meeting of February 4, it can be decided to reopen the schools from next week, ie February 07, 2022. Currently, however, seniors, ie students from grades 9 to 12, can be called up for offline lessons. After this, students from the lower years can be called to school in phases.

These Important Rules May Apply When Delhi School Opens

  • Written permission from parent or guardian is required to attend school.
  • Necessary rules including face mask or face screen, social distancing and hand disinfection will have to be complied with.
  • School staff and students between the ages of 15 and 18 must be vaccinated.
  • If parents do not want to send their children to school, the school cannot put pressure on them.
  • Thermascreening is possible at the entrance of the school.
  • The online classes will also continue.
  • It is necessary to disinfect the school campus from time to time.

DDM made these decisions in the last meeting
Let us inform that at its last meeting on January 27, DDMA eased other restrictions and abolished the weekend curfew. Cinemas, gyms, amusement parks etc. were allowed to open with a capacity of 50 percent and a maximum of 200 people were allowed to attend the wedding ceremony. Apart from this, decisions were also made such as to start calling staff in Delhi government offices.

Schools from grades 10-12 are unlocked, if not vaccinated then no entry. Gurugram School reopened

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