CUCET and Board Exams 2022: How Students Can Prepare for Both

2022 will be a milestone in high school education. Not only are students feeling the heat of board exams during the pandemic, but they will also have to appear for a common admission test for admission to central universities such as DU, BHU and JNU. It is never easy to formulate a perfect strategy. While one can always argue about the importance of hard work, the pressure of the school curriculum, there is a clear need for a strategy.

The question now is certain: how do I prepare for both? To answer this, one must first understand what is expected when it comes to CU-CET. While an exact pattern of the exam is unknown, CU-CET is expected to be based on proficiency and subject domain testing. Here are some important tips that will help you balance your preparation for both: Board Exams and CU-CET.

Understand the exams:

While you are largely familiar with the pattern of board exams, CU-CET, which is being conducted on such a large scale for the first time and whose pattern has not yet been revealed, the question is where do I start? As mentioned earlier, CU-CET is expected to be a combination of aptitude and subject knowledge test. Students are expected to select subjects based on what they studied in grade 12. This clearly reflects a common element syllabus of the subject. Half of your worries will be solved here. Focus on the suitability part as the section can be the deal breaker.

Create a timetable:

Since CU-CET is an entrance for college admission, it is likely to be taken after the board exams. However, with board exams delayed and starting in the second half of April, starting your preparation early is the basic mantra. Take advantage of the next 40-45 days before the board exams with a timetable that includes the CU-CET aptitude portion. Spend 90-120 minutes each day improving your reasoning and language skills. Also during the board exams, make sure you don’t break the momentum. Use the gaps between two papers wisely. But making a plan is the easiest, following it is very important.


Overlap of subjects is one of the outcomes when preparing an entrance exam based on subject knowledge and boards. Identify such topics and ensure they are covered first. This will help to save time for other areas and topics and will give a positive result.


An athlete always stays focused on training, even when there is no tournament. This is to ensure that they do not lose their focus when the moment of truth arrives. This is more true for a student preparing for an exam. Working on the concepts and writing tests based on the exam pattern-

boards of CU-CET is critical. This helps you to understand not only your strengths, but also your weaknesses where you can intervene and improve in a timely manner.


Revision is an integral part of studies. Be it your board exams or admissions like CU-CET, after completing a subject, make a plan to revise the same.

Be motivated:

To overcome any hurdle, being motivated is key. Think positively about how success in governance and CU-CET will shape your dreams and your career. Do not worry. Study at your pace and make a practical plan. Remember that every individual has different learning habits and requirements. Work on yours.

(Author Amitendra Kumar is Product Head CU-CET, Career Launcher. Opinions expressed here are personal.)

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