Construct ROB near Bakhtiarpur Engineering College: Bihar CM

PATNA: CM Nitish Kumar on Friday inspected the progress made in the implementation of several ongoing development projects in the Bakhtiarpur block of Patna district and asked the officials to widen NH-30 and build a road bridge (ROB) over the railway at the technical university, which has two state highways on either side.
Among the sites inspected by the CM were the sewage treatment plant (STP), the nascent state engineering college, block and circle offices, local parks, and several girls’ high schools and other institutes. Since Bakhtiarpur is his home block, the CM remembered his childhood relationship with the city and its various aspects.
As for the STP, the district and other officials accompanying the CM assured him that the civil works would be completed by March next year. Nitish, however, had an engineering degree and was particularly effusive about the state engineering school under construction there. “I have always wanted to see a technical college in Bakhtiarpur. Today I feel very happy’, Nitish reacted emotionally. In a similar vein, he said that the state government has reserved a third of its seats for girl students and therefore instructed officials to build a relatively larger hostel for the girls.
The CM, who had inspected the old block and circle offices, ordered the construction of the new premises, in addition to ordering a new veterinary hospital to be built near the new campus. He also decorated the statue of Shaheed Bhogal Singh on campus.
Nitish also visited the Manju Sinha Project Girls High School and the old building of the Manju Sinha Balika High School, next to the primary health center (PHC) campus and the local park, where he also decorated the statues of martyrs.
The CM visited Ghosbari Ghat, Thakurbari Ghat and Sidhi Ghat on the banks of the Ganges and recalled the existence of an ancient well near Thakurbari and Sidhi Ghat which was famous for its safe and sweet drinking water. He also ventured into Ramnagar Diara and ordered the renovation of the bridge that existed there.
Water Resources Minister Sanjay Kumar Jha and senior bureaucrats Deepak Kumar, Amir Subhani, Pratyaya Amrit, Arvind Kumar Choudhary, Anand Kishor, Sanjeev Hans, Narmadeshwar Lal, Pankaj Kumar Pal, Chanchal Kumar, Anupam Kumar and Patna DM Chandrashekhar Singh accompanied the CM.

Rahul Singh
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