Coaching centres witnessing alarming increase in enrolment for CUET 2022

With the University Grants Commission (UGC) making CUET mandatory for admission to all central universities, several coaching centers have witnessed an increase in student enrollments for undergraduate course admission test preparation.

Last month, UGC President M Jagadesh Kumar announced that central universities will have to use Common University Entrance Test (CUET) scores to admit students into undergraduate programs from the 2022-23 session. He later claimed that the entrance test will not help a coaching culture.

AaptPrep CUET coaching, which has been providing coaching for CUCET since 2010, said the number of registrations has increased in recent days. Notably, the Central Universities Common Entrance Test (CUCET) was launched as early as 2010, but only a few central universities had adopted it.

“We currently have approximately 8,000 students enrolled in CUET coaching at our centers across India. About 5,000 students recently enrolled in the wake of the UGC announcement,” said Sobhika Sharma, an admissions counselor at AaptPrep.

AaptPrep has 40 coaching centers across the country and all centers have witnessed an increase in enrollment, Sharma said.

“Previously, CUCET was adopted by some universities. But in order to gain entry to a esteemed university now, students must first clear the CUET. We have witnessed a multiple increase in the number of applications and registrations in recent days,” she added.

Vijay Kumar, founder of Ghaziabad-based Academica, said the enrollment for the CUET coaching and inquiries about it have suddenly increased. “We used to have a single batch for CUCET preparations. Now we are holding two batches for CUET coaching. This is expected to increase in the coming days,” he said.

Meanwhile, several coaching centers, which previously did not provide coaching for CUET, have also started or are providing coaching for the test in the wake of increasing demand.

For example, coaching centers such as KD Campus and Success Mantra have started providing coaching for CUET. Mayank, student counselor at KD Campus, says the institute will start another batch for CUET later this month. “Since time is limited with the exams in July, we will schedule the classes to cover the entire syllabus,” Mayank said.

Likewise, Success Mantra has decided to start a new batch for CUET, said a coaching center official.

The CUET will consist of three parts: compulsory language, 27 subject areas and a general test on quantitative reasoning, logical and analytical reasoning, numerical proficiency, and general knowledge and current affairs. All questions about sections will consider the Class 12 level as the benchmark.

Sajal Jain
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