CBSE Term 2 Exams 2022: When Question Paper Comes In Hand, Do This First, Read TIPS

CBSE Board Exam 2022: The Central Council of Secondary Education (CBSE) has stated that the second semester exams will start from April 26, i.e. tomorrow, and will be held until May 24. At the same time, the students appearing on the exam should know the first thing to do when the question paper is in the exam room.

Let’s say that after receiving the questionnaire, students often get nervous of where and how to start writing the answers. CBSE has already said that the students will have an extra 20 minutes to read the question sheet. However, students do not make full use of those 20 minutes and read the question sheet tensely, so that they do not understand the questions properly. In such a situation, each student has to make a strategy in advance so that he can write the answers correctly at the time of the exam.

Here we tell you what is the first thing to do after you get the question paper in the exam room. Let us know in detail.

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When you go to the exam room, calm down and tell your brain that everything is fine and normal and don’t get stressed or worried. It is a test just like any other exam you take every year.

– First count the pages of the question paper and check the number of questions. Also check that there is no misprint in the question paper.

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After that, you need to fill in the required details such as the roll number or anything else required on the question paper. Most students forget to write the required information on the question paper due to stress and haste. Don’t do that at all.

The board gives 15 minutes to read the questions. These 5 minutes are for reading the question paper thoroughly and preparing a strategy for solving all the sections of the paper. Please read the question sheet carefully.

– Prioritize those questions whose answers you know well. These questions should be solved first and then you can try other questions that you find difficult or complicated.

You will have 2 hours to complete the paper. Give each section plenty of time, then try asking questions. Make sure to adhere to this time limit when solving each question in the exam. This will help you to complete the paper on time.

– Finally, another important thing in preparing the writing strategy for the exam is that you can write down the important formulas and equations that will be used to try the questions. Sometimes while writing the answer, there are so many things in your head that you forget the formula used in the answer or a particular word. In this case, this method will help you.

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