CBSE Term-2 Exam 2022: The Answer Sheet Turns Red in the 10th and Blue in the 12th

CBSE Term-2 Exam 2022: The Answer Sheets of Class 10th and 12th Term-2 of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) will be different colors. The answer sheet of class 10 is red and that of class 12 is blue.

This information has been provided to all examination centers by the board. According to the board, Mathematics 10 and 12 answer sheets will be green. It is known that this time the schedule of 10th and 12th semester-2 exam is limited. The exam will be over in a month. In such a situation, the exam of many subjects of class 10th and 12th will be taken on the same day in the same shift. In order not to change the question paper of both, the color of the answer sheet has been changed throughout the board. With this, the board where the students are present gets the answer book of the same color.

with graph
This time the graph copy has also been placed in the answer sheet. The topic in which the questions with the chart are asked, the chart is also inserted in the answer sheet. This time chart is not given separately. According to the board, if there is no chart on an answer sheet, its information should be immediately given to the center superintendent. In addition, additional copies will also be provided if required.

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Answer sheets sent to the exam centers
The answer sheets were sent by the board to all examination centers. It has been sent 25 percent more than the number of exam candidates. Please note that the room will be opened 45 minutes before the start of the exam. The candidate will be admitted at 9.45 am. At the same time, the main entrance to the center will be closed at ten o’clock.

CBSE City Coordinator Rajeev Ranjan told that the answer sheets of the 10th and 12th Term-2 exams will be different colors. This leaves no room for change. The number of answer sheets for both classes will also be different.

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